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FutRfarmer Grows PuTang, Pre-98 Bubba & 4 Haze Crosses By Connoisseur Genetics

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Hey Gang!
I'm doing 6 strains this run in 7-gallon pots.
3 320w quantum boards from HLG
Doc Buds High brix soil
in a 5x5 Gorilla tent
3 Breeders Mass Medical Strains, Katsu seeds, and connoisseur Genetics
6/6 on seeds and they all popped soil January 1st so it's new years babies
PuTang- Mass Medical Strains
Pre-98 Bubba kush- katsu seeds

Connoisseur genetics
NL#5 Haze x Casey Jones
Dogshit dead head Haze
Australian Deadhead Haze
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Little ladies got their first light TP W/tea


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I'm interested to see what these Connoisseur genetics do for ya, never heard of them!
Got some great gear, OJD is from the UK been around a long time, use to do a lot of work with Rez before, hoping there’s a lot of fire in his chemdog crosses


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Connoisseur Genetics

For this hybrid I took a 16 year old cut of the legendary Cali Orange that will really take you back. She produces great yields of that old school skunky orange funk, I then went to work reversing my special Silver Nevil cut that is a dream Haze of minimal stretch and quick flower time to create one commercial dream.

The Orange N Mango produces so much fruity taste she will be the first jar to be empty. She flowers in a lovely 9 weeks with a great yield potency is great mix of indica and sativa leaving you sitting happy with a grin on your face.

Australian Deadhead Haze

For this strain I took my amazing Mullumbimby Madness x Nevil Haze that I selected from some seeds that i was given to by a friend who recieved them from Neville Schoenmaker (The real Haze King) and man, this is the strongest weed i've smoked for well over a decade and i get around sampling more than most. I went to work taking the Casey Jones and reversed it to pollinate my Mulumbimby Madness X Nevil Haze creating one scary strain that is not suitable for lightweights and this is not a sales pitch.

Phenos range from early 8 week phenos earhty/diesel taste through to 12 weeks haze dom phenos that are the pineiest pine you ever smelled or tasted with every pheno a huge yielder.

This is a very stretchy strain so i advise to top multiple times from early on in veg if you got height issues, she responds well to all types of training and i would be super cropping into flower for first few weeks or flower or tying down or any kind of training.

Shout to Kangativaa legend who has held and grown this Mulumbimby madness for years that was used in the x neville made that i used to make this hybrid.

Dogshit Dead Head Haze

For this strain i took my Dogshit Haze cut i selected from seeds given to me by a deadhead from New york who told me this is something real special and have then slapped it with the Casey Jones reversed to create the Dead Head Haze. Taste range from earthy/diesel to fruity/spice. The Dogshit Haze phenos give out a real strong body couchlocked but your head is trying to take of to space very Sativa, a very unique strong crazy stone/high that everyone needs to try out. Shout to my man for Hooking up the Dogshit Haze seeds back then.

NL#5 Haze x Casey Jones
Gifted by OJD a limited unreleased project
I'm looking forward to this one
A sativa from Sensi Seeds, Northern Lights #5 x Haze is a vigorous strain bred to improve upon Haze’s flowering time and bud structure. With zesty flavors of pungent spice, this 70% sativa delivers an invigorating cerebral buzz that seems to boost sensory awareness. Though the indica in her shines through in density and growth stature, this strain carefully preserves an uplifting high that’s perfect for daytime use.

Casey Jones is a cross between Oriental Express (Trainwreck x Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel that provides an earthy, sweet palate with subtle hints of citrus. Casey Jones produces pleasant sativa effects that are uplifting and great for releasing your creativity.


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Mass Medical Strains
PuTang S1
PuTang (Tangie x Star Pupil) *Cup Winner!*
PuTang is a very special plant, one of our absolute best ever! The effect is super happy, with both a powerful uplifting mental high and a super euphoric body buzz. A strong uplifting sativa style effect, extremely mind opening and has done wonders for patients with extreme depression. This is a super special and sacred plant. Feedback we have gotten says that it has saved multiple lives and we couldn't be more humbled to be a part of that! Plants will smell mostly of orange/tangerine from our very special Tangie sativa mother, with some heavier notes and purple colors from the Pupil side mixed right in along with a grape candy undertone. Terpinolene will dominate the terpene profile with lots of Myrcene too, with over 1.7% total terpenes on our first test. Extremely flavorful and enjoyable. Plants have about 2-3x stretch and finish flowering in 8-9 weeks. Fast growing even in veg phase. Great for enhancing pleasure as your whole body will become extra sensitive to touch and feel great! Great for opening the mind and inspiring positive thoughts and feelings. Powerful anti-depressive effect, motivating, and euphoric. Extremely therapeutic. Great for love in all forms, universal and romantic.

This strain is one of our best outdoor performance with excellent resistance to mold and mildew.

1st Place Commonwealth Cannabis Cup 2019
HighTimes Magazine Top 10 Strains 2019

Flavor: Delicious sharp Orange Citrus with dank Candy Grape background.
Effect: Psychedelic, trippy and intense sativa, energetic. Greener phenos slightly more body high too.
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Height: Medium-Tall
Thc: 23-27%

Katsu Seeds
Pre-98 Bubba S1
The legendary “clone-only” Pre-98 Bubba Kush is one of the early Kush strains that started Kushmania in the 2000’s. Famous for its strong Indica dominant high, Bubba Kush is a connoisseur favorite due to its distinct Kush taste and earthy, sweet, flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate. The various phenotypes of the reversed/feminized Bubba Kush S1’s will all have high TCH 9 levels and flavor profiles that include coffee, chocolate, hash, “7-Up”, pine, lemon, and fruit.

The Bubba is a moderate yielder that typically produces golf ball sized dense nuggets covered in frost and flowers that look, smell, and taste as dank as anything you’ve ever tried.
While the amazing taste will have you reaching for more, be wary of the strength as it can leave novices fast asleep on the couch and veterans with a 1000-yard stare and a big, goofy smile.

The origins of Bubba Kush are difficult to trace with any degree of certainty but the story I was told by a reliable cannabis insider is that in the early 90’s an accidental pollination of a “Crippy” bagseed female (dubbed “OG”) with a select Northern Lights female (dubbed “Bubba”) that had a few hermie flowers blowing pollen and made some seeds on one of the lower branches of the “OG” female.

The Bubba takes 63-70 days of flowering for the full narcotic effect and the strongest terpene profile. Rosin and extracts from Bubba are divine.

Van Stank

Plant of the Year: 2018, 2019, 2020 - Member of the Month: Nov 2017 - Plant of the Month: June 2018, Nov 2018, Sept 2019, Nov 2020 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2021
Hey, 1st page....that doesn't happen much anymore. Gonna grab my trusty bean bag chair if ya don't mind! I throwed a case of cheesy poofs over in the corner for anyone thats hungry!


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Hey, 1st page....that doesn't happen much anymore. Gonna grab my trusty bean bag chair if ya don't mind! I throwed a case of cheesy poofs over in the corner for anyone thats hungry!
Haha yes!!
we’re all going to need those cheesy poofs for these connoisseur hazes :48:. Hoping Atleast 1 looks as good as your Lebanese and Panama haze


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Day 21 from seed

Ladies are Looking nice and healthy pre-98 bubba is growing sideways :laugh: Jeesh I always seem to end up with one, I’ve always just waited until up pot to transplant at a angle and it’s worked, any tips on early correction? I’ll be topping all the hazes at next feeding of a TP W/tea. Putang is slow to veg(consistent with a pupil cross) I’ll probably let putang and the bubba grow natural

Pre-98 bubba upper left and putang upper middle


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Nice start Farmer :high-five: The wee ones look super healthy. Love your clean setup too great job bud.

U can wait to upcan to straighten the stalk or use a big paper clip and some garden wire to get her back upright.

Since ur in 7s I would advice you go for yield training. Not sure if that is best natural no topping but I would bet topped plants that are trained would yield better unless it’s a small structure plant. More indica like. Then maybe just bowl train. Which is just LST.

All the best for the little ones. Have a great day gang:ganjamon:
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