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Future ASU student needs advice!


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Hey guys just had some general questions.

I'm looking to move from the state I live in (rather not post). To a state where MMJ is allowed to be cultivated by the patient....now I know about the rule about living within 25 mi of a dispensary and was hoping that someone could give me a place to live that is 25 mi away from a dispensary so I could grow. Id much rather grow my own and have always wanted to! Also im over 21+ and was interested in being a caregiver. That is ofcourse after I perfect the art of growing. I do not mind the extra commute, as my car is fun to drive :) (not to sound like a snob)...also I was thinking that I could meet a friend whose "residence" is more than 25mi from a dispensary....but that sounds like too much headache and I'd have to trust them not to blab about my true intention (so I can grow at home) Not to say I dont care about the people who actually need the MMJ to be grown for them! I would be all for doing that too, I do like helping people. BUT also how hard is it to balance a quota for a patient and also successfully concentrate on school. Also if my dad moved out to AZ (which is a possibility) I dont know AZ very well, but where are safe places to live that are populated. Dont want my dad (who is single) to live in the middle of no where, so he wont get lonely. He loves to golf almost everyday btw. So a house near or on a golf course would be ideal.

Thanks a million guys! :Namaste:
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