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Future Of Fort Collins Retail Pot Businesses Up For Discussion In Council Chambers

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Eight months after Coloradans voted to legalize adult possession of small amounts of marijuana, Fort Collins politicians must decide the futures of retail pot shops.

Members of the City Council in a Tuesday work session will discuss whether to allow the retails stores to open in Fort Collins and, if so, how they might be regulated. Under Amendment 64, council members have three options to consider:

- Ban regulated retail marijuana businesses in Fort Collins.

- Ask voters in November to decide whether to prohibit their opening.

- Allow the retail businesses and impose local restrictions on how many can open when, where and in what manner. In this scenario, city staff would recommend a temporary ban to allow time to flush out details of regulation.

Council members will also consider asking voters whether they would approve a local sales tax on retail marijuana operations.

Windsor, Greeley and Berthoud have prohibited all marijuana retail businesses, while Loveland, Larimer County and Boulder are evaluating next steps, in regard to recreational pot use.

Later Tuesday, the City Council will also evaluate the roles of the Urban Renewal Authority as it relates to community redevelopment goals. Projects located in URA districts, such as the Foothills Mall in the Midtown corridor, have received city backing in the form of multimillion dollar development incentive packages.


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Source: coloradoan.com
Author: Madeline Novey
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