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Fuzzy1981's Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Northern Lights 2019


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What strain is it? Northern Lights
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? indica 95% sativa 5%
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Very beginning of veg
If in Veg... For how long? a few days
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? fox farm ocean forest only
If soil... What size pot? 16 ounce styro foam cup
Size of light? 400 watt m.h. 19 inches above plants
Is it aircooled? yes
Temp of Room/cab? 75 to 77 degrees
RH of Room/cab?30 to 45%
PH of media or res? 6.5
Any Pests ? no
How often are you watering? was every 3 days now becoming daily
Type and strength of ferts used? none yet
Grow tent size? 2'x4'x5' tall

Hello Im starting this grow journal because this is my first indoor grow, and it is becoming increasingly clear to me that i have no idea what the hell im doing. Im hoping that some one can help me out with it before i get fed up with it and pitch it all. what the leaves are doing is curling up, i thought maybe it was overwatering. but im letting it dry out (at least it feels like it to me when i lift the cup and compare it to my cup with nothing but dry dirt. i noticed the first leaves came out slightly deformed so maybe its just a defect the plant has but kind of doubt it. i don't know maybe the roots are out growing the cup but its only on it's fourth set of leaves. the leaves feel fine to the touch not papery or brittle. some times it looks real bad then it looks sorta ok again after i water it for a little while. If there is any one out there willing to help me out with my first grow it would be so appreciated. this was supposed to be fun and relaxing now it's just become a major source of stress.

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I see that you’re watering daily. That seems like a bit much for such young plants.
i definately was overwatering it. now i have a cup with the same amount of dirt in it that i don't water so i can weigh them against each other to know when it's completely dry. also when i got my grow tent kit the p.h. meters battery's were dead and i was just watering with non adjusted tap water. my waters p.h. is 7.5 just a couple of days ago i got new batterys and adjusted the p.h. to 6.5, i don't know if that would have had anything to do with it or not? at the time being when i weigh the two cups against each other it seems like it takes a little over a day for them to feel like they weigh them same. so should i water when they feel the same weight or wait longer and if i should wait longer, how much longer should i wait after the cup feels dry? oh and the ppm in my tap water is 250 ppm with nothing else added into it. thank you for all the help :)


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looking better still this morning, I think im going to up pot to a three gallon air pot in two more days. the mycorrhizae powder will be here monday morning, and im going to wait till i can put that in the soil. by the way is mycorrhizae powder basically just the powdered version of cloning gel? im just wondering cause i wanted to buy some cloning gel. but if this is the same stuff just minus the water, im not even going to bother buying a bottle.

I see that you’re watering daily. That seems like a bit much for such young plants.
I think i came up with a good idea, i have four drainage holes the size of a pencil, i made one of the holes big enough to stick the tip of my pinky into to check and see if the soil is completely dry on bottom. i think this is going to help alot with knowing when the right time is to water.


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here is my grow room it has a 500 watt infrared space heater, with a kill switch on the bottom so if it gets tipped the switch decompresses and turns off the heater. it is hooked up to an inkbird digital thermostat to regulate the heat. i also have a holmes wick humidifier with digital controls for the humidity.


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Mychos and cloning gel are 2 different animals. Mykos is fungi that will colonize the root system and break down minerals that the plant can then use. Cloning gel is hormones and enzymes used to accelerate the rooting process.
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