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FWPD Officer Charged With Possessing Marijuana

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A Fort Worth police officer has been arrested and charged with possessing marijuana, tampering with evidence and is accused of also smoking marijuana while on duty and in uniform.

Chief Jeff Halstead announced the arrest at a news conference Wednesday morning. "As soon as I heard this information, as you can imagine, I was disgusted and I was furious," Halstead told CBS 11 News.

Wesley Lamb, 34, was arrested Wednesday morning following a tip from a Fort Worth resident that claimed the officer was seen smoking pot in a vehicle.

The accusation triggered an investigation by Chief Halstead's special investigation unit - which he created a year ago to tackle officers who break the law. "The more investigations that come to my desk the more resources I will deploy, because I will never ever tolerate that kind of behavior," the Chief said.

The investigation unit set up an undercover sting. An arrest warrant affidavit states that on Tuesday, April 27, Officer Lamb responded to a call from a Fort Worth citizen who found 86-grams of pot and wanted to turn in. But the "concerned citizen" was actually an undercover cop and the marijuana was from the FWPD property room.

The according affidavit goes on to explain that Lamb took possession of the marijuana, from an undercover police officer, went to his home and stayed inside for approximately 10 minutes.

The report says Lamb was observed throughout his shift and at no time made a police report on the confiscated pot and never went to the property room.

After Lamb's shifted ended he allegedly moved his personal belongings, and the pot, into his personal vehicle. He was arrested before leaving police station property.

Lamb is accused of possessing marijuana and tampering with evidence and after his arrest reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana while on duty.

Chief Halstead announced the arrest to a group of new police recruits Wednesday morning. He made it clear that such behavior wouldn't be tolerated. Halstead also told the rookies that he has created a special team of investigators to look into criminal mischief in the department.

Wednesday afternoon Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief issued a statement that said, in part, "Those wearing the badge who choose to violate their oath or ignore the laws they are sworn to uphold will be revealed. They will not be the exception to the rules when they are the ones who are expected to set the example for the rest of us.

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