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G13 Clones and SSH mothers - LED/HPS


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So in my last journal I grew some SSH clones and due to having to move, continued to veg them to this day. They are now about chest high and I've been using them as mothers but I plan to flower them soon along with some of their clones. I've got some G-13 clones about 2 weeks ino their preveg, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the best ways to grow them? There isn't much info out there on it and if anyone has grown it before, id love to hear how you did it :Namaste:

Pics to follow for the plants in my sigs 600W Grow, which they're still under :slide::wood:


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So Ive let the original SSH 5 veg under my 600W LED until a few weeks ago, and i switched it to a SG 602 and put my 600W over my SSH clones.

Here are my Ladies after a cloning/trimming due to a slight nute burn from transplanting.


and here are her clones about a week and a half into veg under my 600W LED and some 42 and 26W CFL's. This was about a week ago


And the g-13.... For my eyes only ;)



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Oh and since i never put all my new deets in the first post, here they are...

Im growing in Black Gold Potting soil with a mixture of fox farm nutrients, roots organic, and advance nutrients tea. Last night i Lst'd/ Topped a few of my SSH clones as they are about 14" tall now. I plan to put them all into a 10x10 under 4 air cooled 1000W HPS's with BOTH of my LED's in the tent (3 lights on a flip flop)

I'm hoping to start flowring my SSH within a week as they are going to grow like jacks beanstalk if i give them any more time. The G-13 will hopefully follow them by a few days, or a week...Unless anyone has any other info about them that they could share :)


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you too! I just visited your journal and your plants are amazing looking! great job on the LST, my mothers went through the rounds, and they rewarded me greatly with their vigor, so now i plan to do it to my little ocean of seedlings :thumb:

I've put a few of the fastest vertical growers into the flower chamber as i'm curious as to what they're going to do in there... Ive started tying the rest of them down and have topped a few to see the differences in results. The only question ive got is how long i should flower these bad boys?? The super silvers i know have a long ass time to go before they'll ever be done, so i was wondering if it would be worth it to keep tying them down to keep them short, or just let them go and flower them shorter?

As for the G13, the only results ive heard of were for clones flowered at 8 inches?!!? my ladies were already at about 15 inches with no training, so i LST'd about half of them and plan to do the rest once they've rooted in their final 4.5 gal homes.

no pics this time, rearranging everything :MoreNutes:


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Damn! Smoked some hollywood and wrote flowering instead of veg :smokin2: I meant how long should I veg them out? I would lst them the whole way if I went any longer, I'm in 6 foot 5 grow tents so I'm limited to about 5 and a half feet or so of grow height including the pot... my question I guess is should I continue lst them, or will they be too large if I keep lst'ing them to fit in the density that's in the photos above? (square pots). I want to put 16 under a light right next to eachother, semi SOG. But I still read that people top and stuff even in SOG and I don't want to choke my ladies out


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Eventually, but for now it'll just be the ones in the square pots. They all now create a full canopy between eachother when lined up like that. (Just the square ones)

I'm afraid those mothers will take up too much space, so I've started heavily cloning them, hoping to bring them down in size a bit, and then place them on a scrog. Ill try and upload some pics, let's see if 420mag is smart phone friendly :rasta:


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Just going to talk about the clones in the square pots now.

If you keep vegging them, LSTing/topping/whatever, you will definitely need more light for them for flower because you will need to spread those pots apart. If you put them into flower now, you won't have to spread them as much but your yield will be a bit smaller. You will still probably need to add more light as the one LED and the CFL's probably won't be enough for all those plants once they start stretching. Decisions, decisions! :goodluck:

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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