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G13 & Green Crack Bubble Hash


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Here are two different kinds of bubble hash that were just made last week!

The blonder colored one further back is G13 bubble hash and the more orange colored chunk is Green Crack bubble



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Very nice. I bet that takes the top of your head off quickly. :cool027:


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yummy... that looks delicious..


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you don't happen to be from the Syracuse area, there has been some green crack and bubble hash coming from that area, and i must say is all quite delectable, there was also some goo love, goo, og kush, and this pinneapple shit that smelled just like pineapples, may have been spray but idk.

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^lol, I have a plant finishing off right now that smells of ripe pineapple. Once I had a plant (Misty X Citral) that smelled of ripe Granny Smith apples!


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Variety is the spice of life. :peace:


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i have never done hash in my life.. i always want to smoke some.. but i never find anyone with hash.. is it hard to come upon of... how is the high like?
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