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G13 Haze, MSNL, Week 8 Of Flower


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G13 Haze from MSNL, week 8 in flower.

4 Plants are in a 4x4 tent, using a 600w HID and 2 -108w LED Grow Bars.

Fox Farm Soil and the complete nutrient package, include micros.

How easy was this to grow Tennessejed? I'm thinking of growing a few this year, I'll probably germinate in May, we've still got snow on the ground in places up here in Canada. Indoors, good soil, 5 gal cloth pots, 1000 W HPS and a full assortment of nutes from Green Earth.


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Hey buddy this is a long shot but hopefully you're still active on the site or somebody sees this lol but have you ever had any problems with msnl? I just received my first order from them I used the super stealth shipping option (they're 'guaranteed' method which cost me $19) well I got the super 'discrete' packaging AkA a black plastic envelope with a brown pull string tote bag about the size of a notebook inside.. I was aerie before opening though because it was actually... Already opened! Yes unfortunately there was a perfect razor cut line along the top which exposed this tote bag so I immediately took a picture just having a bad feeling which turned out to be true... NO seeds ... NO nothing :17: I sent them a email with pictures explaining what happened.. hoping their customer service is as good as they talk about on their site:nervous-guy:
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