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Gaia green


I would like to know where I can get gaia green organics in the U.S. Only places I can find it is in Canada and they don’t ship here in the U.S far as I know.and has anyone ever used gaia green or am I just wasting my time or can anyone recommend anything that’s as good or better Really like to do a living Soil this time Instead of a liquid nutrients And if you have a great recipe that you’d like to share I would appreciate it need all the help I can get and understanding also do you have to add nutrients to living soil at some point.



Amazon. I just checked the US website and they do list them there. Another choice which I have read about but never used is Espoma.

Gaia Green worked good when I was growing in 7G pots. A half cup in organic soil mixed in then I only had to top dress once at the beginning of flower.

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