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Gaijin Ganja - Ever Heard of It?


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I found a strain of marijuana offered through BC Seeds that was developed in the mountains of Japan that is a pure Indica (100%)...They claim the THC level is 34%!! There is a great description of the buzz you get on their website.

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried it, and more importantly, is there anyone out there that has grown it and can rate it for us???

I have been watching Strain Hunters on Youtube and think it would be a GREAT idea for them to plan an expedition to Japan in order to explore this plant!! I am thinking of giving it a try after my current grow is over...


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I read the BC Bud strain review. Funny stuff. The breeder lived in a hut for three years while documenting every aspect of the native indica? LOL, I think whomever wrote that was baked and having some fun. Japan is one of the most anti-cannabis countries and even a small amount can get you several years in lockup. With a zero-tolerance policy the demand for weed in Japan is very low. I don't buy the story.


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I agree. Nobody is developing any 34% thc bud in that country. Not that the Japanese wouldn't be capable of doing it, if it was legal there- but as rider said, it's one of the least weed friendly countries in the world and also one of the most conformist/least rebellious. Not to mention it's also very crowded and would be extremely difficult to hide stuff.
I'd avoid that seedbank.

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That and they can put any number they want for %'s, not like a seed will grow a specific THC/CBD % as there is so many variables involved. That and percentages mean little to me anymore since I've had Dispensary flower at say 27% THC and had 17% from another Dispensary with a similar high, but have also had some high % that kicked me in the head too ;) so it isn't a "constant" as they are learning there is other things that make up the total high/effect from trichs/CBD%/terpines/etc...
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