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Galaxyhydro 300w LED - Small Tent - 2 Plants?


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Long time lurker, first time poster and grower here and before I get ahead of myself I feel like I owe a thanks to all of you good people here. Had it not been for the detailed grow journals and advice here I don't know if I would have gotten this far into the growing process!

So to give you an idea of where I'm at - I ordered my seeds last week and am currently setting up my grow room. Due to space restrictions I had to settle on a 36" x 20" x 62 " tent that I'm hoping will support two plants.

I decided to go with a Galaxyhydro 300 W light I bought from Amazon. After doing a bit more research I'm learning that this may not have been the best light I could have purchased but with all the other things I'm buying right now it's the best I could afford.

So here's the ask: Has anyone successfully vegged and flowered with this light? Is it unreasonable to expect decent per plant yields with a 300 w light given this size of tent?

Should I return and get a different light before starting? I'm hoping since it's a small space, I can get away with using these lights and get a decent yield (IMO 2 oz per plant).

Thanks in advanced!


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One additional note - I'm going to be mainlining these plants and shooting for 4-8 colas depending on space. I've seen people get redic yields this way but I'm also wondering if I should adjust my expectations based on these lights. This probably means a veg time of 6 - 8 weeks. I'll be growing Papaya from Nirvana Seeds and flowering from 55-70 days.


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Last self reply... Other lights I am considering are

1. Apollo Horticulture 300 w
2. Marshydro 300 w
3. Marshydro 600 w ($75 more)

Think I have a week to figure it out!


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Can work if done right but I would not try to start with advance training methods.
Special if they need a lot of time look for topping and bend them over.
If possible take the 600W Mars, all these use max 1/2 the W they are rated.
So a 300 has 130-160W real usage.



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I've just started my first grow, and will be using two of the GalaxyHydro 300 in a 4x2 tent from seed to harvest. I'm planing to do mainlining as well. Hope it works out well for both of us.


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If you look on the bay, you will find marshydro 300W lights for 70 dollars shipped. I would return the GH300 and get two of the marshydro 300 for about the same price as one GH300. I would then use both MH300 in that tent for nice coverage and yield.
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