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GandalfGreen's 420 Carat Soil Grow - LED - Monitored With Raspberry Pi

A warm hello to all the new people in here, I love that I'm no longer the only pair of eyes following my grow haha! :)

So what's happened since the last time I posted? Well, I went on a holiday for about 2 weeks for one, and I had my brother take care of my plants for me this time. He did a great job at keeping the girls happy and healthy while I was away. When I came back, holy-damn-shitballs did they grow something fierce. In fact they have grown so much that this Monday I decided to put them into flower. But before I did so I took them out of the tent and trimmed them as to remove the shoots that were too small to make it all the way up to the canopy.
What I also did was set up the SCROG net to try and see if the SCROG goes better this time round. The last time grow I tried this as well but the net turned out to be more of a support for the 'skeletal' structure of the plants than it was an actual scrog with an even canopy. This was mostly due to my plants stretching like crazy almost filling up 2/3 of the tent lengthwise.
If you guys have any input on how I could improve on this please let me know! :)

I think pictures speak so much louder than words, so here's some pictures I took of the new SCROG setup and the plants themselves.




I also immediately started feeding them with my bloom nutritients (DutchPro Bloom A+B) at 1.5 mS and pH at 6.3. Reason being that one of the plants is showing some signs of a deficiency. It looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me, which wouldn't surprise me since I've maybe only fed them once or twice in vegetative state. I'm actually surprised how good the plants have been coping so far without much of any nutrients really! But now that they're blooming I want them to create big and fat buds so I'm definitely going to see how far I can push them as far as feeding goes.
Do you track your ppm/EC?

My understanding of this subject is that you can measure the conductivity of the water in different ways and that you can convert between them when necessary. My meter measures in mS/cm2 and I am tracking that.
Just yesterday for example I have been feeding them with 1.35 mS of nutrients, which converts to ~864 PPM.

I found this neat website with some explanation on the subject and here's an easy to use converter if you need one.
How's this grow doing?

It's doing great actually, I've just been really busy with other stuff so haven't had time to update you guys. My grandma passed away and that took away a big chunk of my time obviously.

As far as care goes, I've been feeding them increasingly more and more every watering I give them and they seem perfectly healthy so far. I'm currently feeding them at around 1.6 mS (~960 PPM) with a pH of 6.3. The runoff is a tad higher at 6.5 pH but it's just within the range I want it so no worries there.
I've been pruning them a lot as well, especially from below since there were a lot of shoots that simply weren't getting enough light due to the canopy or were too small to produce any good bud from.
The SCROG itself is again turning into more of a skeletal structure support than it actually being an even canopy. I'm sure it has to do with me not doing enough LST in the beginning to let them grow evenly. But what the heck, better luck next time. :Namaste:

The plants are definitely blooming as they're covered in the white 'hairs' (not sure about the exact terminology here) and there isn't a male in sight so yay, 3/3 are female! :cheer: I'll make some pictures soon and show you guys how they're blooming.

Something else I noticed, and maybe someone has an explanation for this cause I've yet to find one, is that whenever I go and take care of my plants I get this rash. Everything starts to itch and I have to take a shower afterward or else I'll be scratching myself all night. I do have some common allergies like polen but this didn't happen during my last grow. Any ideas on what might cause this?
Looking forward to the pics and more info on the use of the PI. Have no idea on the rash.

Anything in particular you'd like to know about the Raspberry Pi setup? As of now it's mainly monitoring my temperature/humidity for historical data purposes. When I go and take care of my plants I check if the temperature/humidity has been good for them and if not I either adjust my ventilation or beef up the humidifier to get it right. It would be cool to automate this process as well, but as of yet I'm just seeing how I can use the historical data to my advantage. The next step for me would be to use the camera I've attached to the Pi to make time lapses. I can already view my plants live from wherever I want, but a timelapse would be a cool addition to these grow logs methinks.

I'll try to get some pictures up tonight!
It's an interface board. It'll control 3 colors individually, it will also be a timer, kick drivers on and off. Here's pic of new light, just put plants under it.

Wicked setup! I've been thinking of using an Arduino myself but my electrical engineering skills are quite shit and I found the straightforward setup for the Raspberry Pi a better starting point.

As for my plants, they're doing really well! I'm currently feeding them with every watering and right now I'm feeding at 1.9 mS @ 6.3 pH. No complaints from the ladies of yet, in fact they seem to be getting stronger and bigger everytime I feed them. So yay for that! :cheer:
It's been 36 days since they started the flower cycle and they're just getting in that period where the bud itself is still small but the plants are shining in the light because of the trichomes. The pistils are very long and everywhere as well. So the next step would be for the buds to grow nice and fat.
If everything keeps going the way it has been going I'm in for one smooth ride :Namaste:

Here's some pictures I've taken recently:


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