GandalfGreen's First Grow - Soil - LED - The Doctor & Arjan's Haze #3 - Indoor

As promised, here are some pictures of I took about two days ago. In the meanwhile I've started giving one of the "Arjan's Haze #3" plants the bloom nutrients, and... BAM! The fucker has started growing as if it's live depended on it. I'm going to give the other plants the same feed (6.3 pH, 1.35 mS of DutchPro Bloom nutrients) and see how they react!


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Some pictures of the cannopy



I'm going to be on holiday for about a month starting next week and I've shown a friend of mine how to take good care of the ladies so I won't be updating as regularly but might post some pics that he'll send me :)
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.


Yes, my girls are still alive, and so is this thread. I just returned from my vacation and was a bit busy so that's why I didn't post any updates.

But here's an update on the them. They've been flowering for 49 days so far and there's some interesting stuff going on. For example, my one indica plant (The Doctor) seems to be doing great! It smells like heaven itself, and the sugar leaves are glistening in the light with some really thick buds growing. There's some white and even orange 'hairs' sticking out of the buds which makes for a beautiful sight. Not once has this plant complained about anything, and it looks healthy as can be. They've also grown just how I wanted them into the scrog net, which makes for a very nice view.

The two sativa (Arjan's Haze #3) on the other hand... they GREW and GREW and stretched themselves so hard that they almost tripled in size during the stretch. This was something that I did not expect and it kind of fucked up the idea of the scrog as it is now a fancy looking support for them rather than the intended, just above the net, even canopy that you'd want to go for in a scrog. Luckily they're not taking up too much light off of the indica plant, but they tower above it by almost half the size of the indica plant.
Something else happened to them, they grew so much that the guy that was taking care of my plants couldn't find a way to raise the lights higher, so instead the top of the cannopy got burned as the plants were growing against the lights. When I got back I got a bit creative and raised them up to a more comfortable level, but the damage was already done. Some of the top buds turned brown and died off, so I had to cut them off.

The sativa plants are also showing some signs of what I think is either nitrogen toxicity or overwatering and the buds are growing really slow compared to the indica plant. (pics below) The guy who took care of them said that during the last few waterings the pH meter/mS meter weren't working correctly so that he kinda eyeballed the amount of nutrients that he'd previously put in. This might be the reason why that happened. During their next watering I'll flush them with correctly pH'ed water and see how they react to that.

Just a tiny update here. The sativa plants are looking a lot better now I flushed them with pH'ed water. I even started giving them nutrients again (at around 1.4 mS) and the buds are now really starting to develop. The sativa's have been going really slow in my opinion since it's already 62 days since I started flowering them and just now the buds are actually developing.

There's also some really sad news... I had to chop down the biggest cola on my indica plant because it had powdery mildew on it... ;( It was quite bad, like the cola had a blanket of fluff surrounding it. For precaution I checked all the other plants, and found some on the sativa as well. I cut away all the infected buds and stems and started researching how this could happen. I found that it mostly happens because of a lack of ventilation, and paired with high humidity it can spread like wildfire. In hindsight it now makes sense. A quick glance at my hygro/thermometer showed humidity up in the high 60%, sometimes even 70%. Reading accounts of mold infecting crops online made me realize I have been very lucky that I haven't caught anything worse than powdery mildew yet with those levels of humidity. The cola's are also very big and touching each other, with no fan blowing on them to move the air around.

So I realised I made a mistake in the foundations of my setup, and the problem is the ventilation. When I bought my air filter and ventilator I got it secondhand without any specification on CFM or anything. I've had problems with my heat/humidity since day 1 but attributed it to the room temperature and not so much the ventilation itself. I now bought a ventilator (the RUCK RKW125L) which can move about 370 cubic meter an hour (or ~220 CFM). Here are the calculations I used to pick a new ventilator:

Fan details: 370m3/hour = 370/60 = 6.16 m3/minuut = 217.7 CFM

Room volume: 102 cubic feet
Minutes per air change: 3
102/3 = 34 CFM required to change air every 3 minutes

Extra factors:
CO2 enrichment: 5%
Carbon filter: 20%
1 light: 10%

Total: 45,9 CFM required

On top of that I ordered a clip ventilator to move the air around between the cola's. Once they'll get here I'll see how they do and update you guys again! :D
Checking in to let you guys know how it's going. After some problems with the supplier I finally ordered a new ventilator from a different place, and am now the owner of a RUCK R125L ventilator which moves ~200 CFM. I got a 5 stage speed controller with it to more handily control the environmental factors. I also got the clip ventilator which is now moving air over the canopy to keep the plants from developing mold or other nastiness.
It took me a lot of sweat and scolding to try and wiggle in place a new ventilator in a tent filled with huge sativas and I'm pretty sure I NEARLY killed a plant about 5 times in total. Luckily the gods of marijuana were looking down at me and I managed to install the new ventilator in the end. After playing a bit with the speed settings to see the difference it would make I can't say that I'm satisfied yet. My humidity levels still aren't dropping anywhere below the 60% mark. Even on full speed the humidity just doesn't get any lower. The temperatures did get a lot better though, they're ranging from 20-22 degrees Celsius. (71 Fahrenheit)

The only reason I can think of for the high humidity is the climate in the room itself where it's drawing fresh air from. I have an air duct going to my window so the hot air is getting pumped outside. The same window is being used to let fresh air back into the room. This to create a cycle of fresh air coming in the tent at all times. However the humidity outside is around 60% as well, so if I am pumping that air into the room it would make sense that the humidity isn't dropping, right? I'm not expert on these matters whatsoever so I'm just trying to figure out what might've caused it. I'm not wanting to invest in an expensive dehumidifier, so if you guys have any tips or tricks I'm all game for that!

Stepping off of the subject of ventilation, I'm pretty sure my indicia plant is about done. When I was cleaning up this week a bud that was hanging low fell off. It looked good enough to smoke, so I dried it for a few days in a little cigar box on top of my heater and smoked it. That feeling of smoking your first homegrown bud is just indescribable. Obviously it wasn't as good as it could've been if I'd dried it slowly over a week or so, but did it get me high? Hell yeah!
CHOP, sniff... ahhhh! And with something that sounded like that I cut down the first of my three plants. 'The Doctor' has been officially harvested! :cheer: Me and a friend spent a night smoking and trimming the plant, before I hung it up to dry with some string and duct tape. The only problem I'm still tackling with it is that the humidity in the dry room is somewhat too high (~60-65%) I bought a small dehumidifier that should bring it down a bit, but it's one of the small static ones where you just empty the water tray and change the stuff that soaks up the water when it's saturated. For added effect I added a ventilator indirectly blowing over the buds (pointed at a wall) to speed up the process and discourage mold or other nastiness forming.

The other two sativa plants are still growing strong. They've grown so hard and tall that they started to fall over. For them I bought a bunch of plant yoyo's which I used to keep them standing up straight. It looks like they need some more time to fully mature, so I'll keep updating on them. Like I said, they've grown really tall, with some of the stems being as tall as my entire arm. I'm guessing that this is why they're taking such a long time to complete their flowering cycle, more bud to produce = more time needed?

Picture time!
Read your journal. Didnt know it was about over lol. Got any pictures of the others before you cut them? Congrats on the successful harvest. :thumb:

Thanks for following my post, it started to feel like a bit of a 'crazy stoner guy talking to himself' in here, haha. :') Yeah I posted a bit in leaps and bounds when I had the time to. I can't find any pics of 'The Doctor' before I harvested her, but I'll be sure to get some good pictures from the two leftover sativa's and post them here soon! :Namaste:
Less talking, more picture time. Here's some picture of the finished indica, put in a mason jar with a humidipak and a small hygro/temperature meter:



And here's some more pictures of "Arjan's Haze #3", above and under the scrog, as well as the plant yoyo's that are keeping them standing upright:


It's over. It's DONE. I have officially harvested the rest of my grow, the other two "Arjan's Haze #3" sativas. And I must say.... DAMN that fucker grew massive buds unlike anything I've ever seen before. Not that I have much experience with grows as this is my first, but this is way beyond any of my expectations. I had half given up on the sativas as they seemed to take forever in the flowering phase, in total they've been flowering for 75 days before I cut them down. On top of that I had a hard time to keep them looking half decent as the stalks just grew into full blown baseball bats. I don't think any words can further describe my excitement of the very successfull end to my first grow, therefore... pictures!

Here's the two plants harvested and ready to be processed:

Here's some bud shots:



And here's them hanging to dry in my grow tent:
This is probably going to be my last update in this thread since my first grow is over! :high-five: Yesterday I jarred the bud and put a humidipak and a hygro/temperature meter in there for good measure. Here are some figures to conclude things:
- 237 grams (8.4 ounces) of dry herb from the 2 x "Arjan's Haze #3" plants
- 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of dry herb from 1 x "The Doctor"
- Lights on for 12 hours during flowering stage, 420 watts
- Lights on for 16 hours during vegetative stage, 420 watts.
- Vegetative period: 56 days.
- Flowering period: 75 days.
- Total time until harvest: 131 days

Calculation of gram per watt for entire grow:
Vegetative state:
420w/1000 = 0.42 kWh.
0.42 kWh * 16 hours = 6.72 kW per day during vegetative state.
6.72 * 56 = 376.32 total kW used in vegetative state.

Flowering state:
0.42 kWh * 12 = 5.04 kW per day during flowering state.
5.04 * 75 = 378 total kW used in flowering state.

376.32 + 378 = 754.32 kW used for entire grow.
237 + 40 = 277 grams of dried herb.
277/754.32 = 0.36 gram per watt of electricity for the entire grow.. :thumb:

Here's a pic of the jarred buds:

Thanks for reading my growlog, and I'll hopefully start my next grow(log) as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer over here. :Namaste:
Hope all is well in your world.

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