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THE EASTERN COAST of Barbados is the hot spot for ganja cultivation.

Head of the Drug Squad, Superintendent Grafton Phillips, told the SATURDAY SUN yesterday that illegal cultivation was going on mainly in the parishes of St Joseph, St John, St George and St Philip.

He said so far his officers had seized 382 plants this month, including 35 in St Philip during an operation on Thursday.

Lawmen had seized 780 plants for the corresponding period last year.

Phillips said the Drug Squad's resources were stretched to the limit by surveillance, detection and removal of marijuana plants.

"The seizures have an impact because we have to allocate a lot of resources in order to enter the area because the terrain is pretty rugged, and then to transport them [marijuana plants] from the area," he said.

In addition, a number of drug offenders have been arrested and brought to court on *******, marijuana and cultivation charges.

Phillips said marijuana was the No. 1 illegal drug of choice.

"Cannabis really is one of the drugs that is widely used by people. This is so because people shy away from ******* because of the serious health issues involved," said the superintendent.

"Our records indicate that for January we arrested 21 persons; for February, 28; and for the month so far, 33 persons for *******, cannabis possession or cultivation of marijuana plants by the Drug Squad."

Even though some ganja farmers escape the police dragnet because of the remote locations of the plants, Phillips lauded the public for providing the department and the force in general with information on illegal drug activity.

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