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Ganja Greetings & Stoner Salutations


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there's lots to say, but i don't want to get wordy....i write for Cannabis Culture and a Toronto alt weekly NOW.

currently admining a web site marijuana scholar.

spend more time reading people thoughts on forums and what not than participating...i spend too much time writing professionally that combined with my serious arthritis i have little time to write even more....but i do enjoy chilling with people who take a moment to contact me.

i've been using med cannabis for 10 years very sucessfully.



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Welcome to the forum...we hope you will enjoy your visit and post some threads.:60: I did a bowl of Sour Diesel in your honor:sasmokin:


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thanks for the amazing weedy welcome! hopefully not too intimidating...:>
i've added the photo me getting tossed in the cop van on 4/21/06. i forgot to mention my two counts of trafficking. no worries, they're getting tossed. i sometimes forget i'm even charged. 4/20/06 we gave away a pound on the steps of city hall.

this year, i can barely afford fliers! :>

have a happy hash filled monday,

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