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Ganja Squad's - 600W LED - 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. - 1st Grow


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Alright everybody I know there are tons of these on here but i decided that being my first grow i will go ahead and make a journal as I go through the process. For those who lack patience or simply don't wish to follow a day by day journal then this is not the thread for you. This is truly a start to finish journal that will be updated daily. All comments and tips are accepted. Like i said this is my first grow and the whole point of making this journal is to get advice and assistance from more experienced growers than myself. So sit back and relax and hopefully you enjoy the grow!

Here is a little background info on the strain i am growing and the way i plan to carry out this grow.

Strain details:

White Widow:
30% - 70% Indica dominant
THC Level High at 17% - 19%
CBD (Medical) Medium
Height: Average (100/140 cm - 39,37/55,12")
Yield Very high (±650 gr/m² - ±22,93 oz/ft²)
Flowering period Average (65 days)
Climate Sunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Medical, Beginner

So far i have germinated 3 of the seeds and they have sprouted 2 days ago. I have them under 4 23watt cfls (6500k) on a light cycle of 18/6. These plants will stay in veg i am growing them so that i can get the 50 clones i will need to start the S.O.G.

Currently the plants are in a 2x2 closet with a temperature ranging between 75-80 degrees fahrenheit.
humidity has stayed around 45-50%

Day 2:

Seedlings are currently in Miracle Gro Organic potting soil (yes i know its frowned upon) in oversized party cups.

Day 3:

I will be using the 2l hempy pot method with vermiculite and perlite. For nutrients i will be using the blue planet 3 part elite system.

I will also be using a single 600watt led panel in a 2x4 grow tent once I have the clones.

(I will also be making a walk through video of the set up of the flowering room and construction of the cloning machine at a later date.)


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Re: Ganja Squad's / 600w LED / 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. -1st Grow

Hey buddy, just stoppin by to say hello, I'll be following along with yah so any questions man feel free to ask.


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hello everyone sorry for the jump in time been busy with school. so i hit a problem with the miracle gro releasing too much nutes too early so my plants took a heavy hit. i have since transplanted the plants into a mix of the miracle gro organic and some peat moss in order to dilute the nutes. this is just a temporary fix however until i order some new grow medium. i will post a couple pics of the plants. a couple look pretty bad and even the 2 that are doing alright show some severe nute burn to the lower leaflets but the new sets which are the first sets of 3 are coming in healthy and green! i will post a couple pics


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Miracle grow is not viable for cannabis growing in anyway. Sucks you had to learn the hard way. I wish you didn't repot again with more miracle grow, you should try and steer clear of anything miracle grow related.

Do you have access to anything else? Even if you can get just black potting soil and fix in some blood/bonemeal and other additives of your choice, all organic and will not burn your plant like these ridiculous time release ferts.


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well i started a new seed in a jiffy pellet. germinated and planted on thursday so hopefully it sprouts up tomorrow or so and we can get this one in a better soil mix


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if anyone can help me with a good soil mix on the cheap side it would be greatly appreciated. i am only using soil for the mother and all the clones will be placed in a homemade aeroponic box till the roots form then they will be placed in a 3 to 1 perlite vermiculate blend


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I have seen a few growers have good luck with Fox Farms Happy Frog, but I think that might be a bit more expensive. And Fox Farms Ocean Forest would be great for a mother, but not for seedlings.

I'm using a cheap store bought mix with horrible PH buffering, which will be replaced this coming spring. I'm still looking at options myself for something quality, and not too expensive, but I'm also considering switching to coco or hempy.

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