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GanjaGed - DWC - LED - Strain Unknown - 2017 - 1st Grow


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I've played around with 1-2 plant grows before but this will be my first "legitimate" grow. I'm just getting set up now and will start some clones tomorrow.

I know I'm a bit early in posting but today is a bit special to me, beyond the excitement of this project. Today is the one year mark of my wife's death. We were just getting the last kid out of the house and getting ready to retire and do "us" stuff, growing our own smoke being one of those things.

I dedicate this grow to you Jeanette, my love. "Our love is real and not fade away."

Grow Space

  1. Enclosure - Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Grow Tent
  2. Lights - Galaxyhydro 600W LED Full Spectrum with UV&IR
  3. Filters - N/A
  4. Fans - 2x Small Floor Fans

Grow Unit

  • Medium - DWC, Expanded Clay,
  • Containers - 10gal/7gal Fill, 2" Net Pots
  • Pump - Marina 200
  • Air Stone - 2x 8" API Bubble Bar Stones

Nutes and Additives

Base - GH Flora Series ( 3 Bottle )
Other - HydroGuard, Clonex Mist, Clonex Solution, Technaflora Rootech Gel

Plant Info

  • Strain - Unknown, Thought to be Death Star
  • Breeder - Unknown
  • Bank - Unknown
  • Genetics - Unknown - Thought to be Sour Diesel x Sensi Star.
  • Start - Clones in Aeroponics

Cut Clones -
Clones Root -
Veg -
Flower -
Total Time =
Total Dry Yield =

These are seeds I've had saved for years, at least 9. I got some to pop a while ago and out of 4 got a male, hermie and 2 females. I kept the best of the females to mother some clones.

I've got some Northern Lights and White Widow on the way but I figure as this is my first "real" grow and my first time trying Hydro, running a grow through the system to work out any kinks, lack of knowledge on my part, before trying bought seeds. Well, these were bought, just a long time ago.

Ok I got the stats together! I'll get pics of the unit and clones up tomorrow.

Please feel free with any comments and advice :thumb:

Here's a little teaser of the Mom.



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Thanks and welcome dabbid!

Looks like I'm going to be delayed until tomorrow :(

Didn't get to the post office on time. I can see my package, just sitting there, waiting, wanting, to spread it's life-giving life....

Oh well, tomorrow it is, gives me another day to organize some stuff.

Here's to waiting:

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Woohoo finally the last package got here! Not only that but my White Widow and Northern Lights Feminized seeds from Nirvana arrived.

Nirvana Details - Ordered 5/13 ( Saturday ), Shipped 5/15, Arrived 5/25. Good Packaging. Recommended :)



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Got the clones cut and set, and soaking 1 ea, WW and NL to make soil mothers.


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Sooo much waiting.... lol.

Everyone's in their appropriate place, and over the "OMG I'VE BEEN BISECTED!" wilt, :p

I did sneak a peek at the WW and NL seeds and am happy to report, "Begin Pre-Sprout countdown" Should see them poke their heads out soon.

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Someone's coming to visit!

Northern Lights at top, White Widow at bottom. These 2 will be going into soil as Mothers when ready.

Otherwise the clones for this grow are coming along, looks like one in the aerocloner has root bumps but it might be wishful seeing :p
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