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It had to happen , I had to do it and with heavy heart , I have !!!!.
This will be my perpetual journal for the forseeable future and where I will be going through my entire seed stock with journals.
I have enjoyed each journal but it seems the more I do the more my signiture gets silly !!!. So here we are March 2020 with U.K facing a lockdown for a media driven, end of world scenario and I cant even wipe my bum due to national panic buying. I have enough supplies for the lockdown , although the calmag is getting short !!. fingers crossed we survive the apocalypse of snot fellow 420 Growmies , time to get this moving.
Run #1
ROOM: After multiple shutdowns and rebuilds of temp loft grow rooms , I decided to go semi permanent!!. The council still want to do a total rewire of the whole property which includes upstairs light fixtures (wiring under my grow room boards !!!!!!!!) so I have to be able to dismantle quick still but needed some walls that dont flap and dance. So now we have a 2.5 x 3m space to use with an annoying apex. I have mylar covered now for better reflection of the light ( I missed this in the last 2 grows badly for side growth. ). My actual grow space will be approx 4ft x 6ft with a little over spill. The boxing insulation and silver bubblewrap thermal outer skin is working brilliantly at keeping things stable around 20°-23.5°c and RH is around 58% . I expect this to start rising with the leaf growth and NFT running. I am running 2 kvh 6" fans for in/out with a speed reg on the input. I had major smell leakage with my last run so have been busy sealing for this one. I have a tower fan for now but also a huge 22" oscillating 3 blade that pushes a hell of a lot of air. Also have 2 x 6" clip-on for the mix if needed later.
I have the dehumidifier on standby and think my environment is set.
LIGHTS: 3 x Mars Hydro TSL-2000 ( 300w full-spectrum) for the NFT tables and a Mars Hydro sp250 ( 270w full-spectrum) for the organic girls.
MEDIUM: I am going back to my roots and going Old Skool NFT for 6 of the ladies and 3 are in 50L Ecothrive Living Organic Soil with amendments on the fly.
NUTRIENTS: I will be running Mega Crop , following @farside05 's effective mix with Silica and Calmag , @MrSauga for his knowledge and amazing support and hitting the Megacrop thread for the brainiac's that frequent there for advice too.
I am also intending to try the Sweet candy with it too.
I have shogun pk warrior and also Dragon force which I do really like so will hopefully be brave enough to go full MC to see what it can really do.
Ecothrive range of amendments for the organic living soil including Biosys tea , Eco-charge( mealworm frass) , neutralize ( for chloramine/chlorine cleaning) and Life-Cycle. These will be as top dressings and some watering feeds.
STRAINS: The LOS girls are Fast Buds ,Fast Flowering Tester strains from a line they are currently sample growing with growers. They have gifted me 11 different strains of well known plants to grow and I chose 3 for this run alongside the other breeders sponsored seeds. If they release the names during the journal I will update them and have a more detailed breakdown. For now the info i have is minimum but useful.
FFT#1: Mostly Sativa. 50 Days Flowering. 80-140cm.
FFT#5: Mostly Indica. 42 Days Flowering. 90-140cm.
FFT#7: Mostly Indica. 45 Days Flowering.80-130cm.

Wedding Cake.
Ghost O.G
C Banana
Monster Zkittelz
GANJAGRANDADDY SEEDS: Fruity Gorilla Sorbet (Barneys Farm Blue Gelato41(Daddy) X Gorilla Zkittelz (Mommy )
TRAINING:Topping and quadlining with a little bend and supercropping here and there. Defoliation will also be a part of the run.
OWT ELSE: I expect if we get enough action going in the room , we will attract some lesser spotted 420 members and royalty along the way and I hope anyone around will take an active part in the journeys with me. I expect there will be tears , laughter, merriment and a fair few discussion points along the way so feel free to chip in and post any pics you feel relevant or proud of.
Welcome aboard Growmies. Dont be strangers.
A few members you will hopefully come across and have the pleasure of dialogue should be @Preston9mm , @Peter Green , @Emilya @MrSauga @N420 ,@InTheShed @farside05 ,@Virgin Ground @Heavenly Hybrid @Old Salt @SmokeSara @DonkeyDick @PCaddict @carcass @Lewydeville @ProfessorFlora ..... If I forgot anyone , apologies and guys tagged , please dont feel any pressure to be around but your my 420 fam and growing.

Where are we at now ?..
I planted the 3 FFT seeds 50 days ago and have been sorting the room while they settled into their final pots. They are looking very healthy and well and dwarf the other strains in their tiny hugo rockwool cubes. They have taken to their toppings and bending sessions really well thanks to the silica. There are a lot of growth tips to play with now and they have all quadlined really well. I need to stake them out for their next few weeks growing , ready for the flip. They are already at the edges of those huge pots and will need some heavy handed work I think. I am impressed with their growth rate in comparison to the other breeders strains They go up in size by strain and the #7 is very busy with tips and height already. They all look very solent green after their initial beginnings with Mc and coco and took to the LOS like pro's. It will be a good test of my strain knowledge to try to suss what they are before they are officially released.
Fft#1 , #5 and #7
The 50L pots were given a replenish with biosys, charge and life-cycle a few days ago as I put them into their bigger pots

The Original sensible girls are now ready for going into the Nft and are a week behind their ff neighbours. The GG#4 is the most vigerous of this group so far followed by the wedding cake. The Ghost of took a while to get going and I planted a 2nd seed that never popped while I waited to see if she would make it. happily she has but is smaller than her cousins . she was very bushy at her 1st two nodes and her 3,4 and 5th nodes are not very equidistant at all. She looks more like a clone than a seeded plant at this point. They all got topped in their small stages and are now picking up pace thankfully

The Zamnesia ladies are now in their new NFT home and hopefully settling in today. C Banana is a tall girl and I think she could get very leggy , the Monster Zkittelz is also gathering pace now thankfully. My personal favourite and most treasured is the Fruity Gorilla Sorbet. I decided to grow one of my own crosses out after a failed fft#4 seed. I have been sitting staring at these sseeds since I got them from my accidental seeding. She is doing really well and has been topped now and being 6 way lined for some hopefully chunky colas. I feel like a proud Dad.lol

I fed them today at
41.12g Megacrop ,
40ml Shogun Silica ,
40ml calmag ,
5ml Superthrive
24ml Silver Bullet roots
15ml ph down
40 Litres Water.
I expect to be able to keep this feed in for about 10 days before needing a change of res and will be monitoring the mix daily too. It has been a while since i did an nft so this should be interesting . Settle in and find your spot. Please enjoy your time here and hopefully we will get some amazing weed to drool over.
Peace and blessing. keep well and safe Growmies


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Just a quick update now all are settled in their final homes. i did forget how noisy NFT can be and the hum had my paranoid brain at 10. lol trying a slab underneath it to see it it helps.
The 1st 3 into the trays are looking like they have grown already !!!. No signs of tip burn from the feed strength so far. I got the other Zamnesia and the Original girl into their tank today too. The room with taillights on hit 30° !!!!. I have turned the sp250 off temp as it is overkill at the moment I think and it helps with the heat without too much effort. I have started extracting the hot air know but with no filter on it yet. Did a little bending and stemm squishing to keep them low for the time being it will be training them in the next few days.


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I'm in. good luck with your new cycle :green_heart:
There you are. Welcome aboard Sara. All fired up and still a huge fan and loyal supporter here. Will be updating to the Mars thread as we go too. Been getting over a crappy winter flu ( not even going to go there but was identical without a fever and lasted from christmas , not buying into the political false flags or propaganda here in the uk , we have worse flu strains each season as a norm) Now on the mend I have used the sp250 to get them to this point and only switched to the TSL-2000's a few days ago. Love the sp for its bringing babies to adulthood capabilities. Glad your here and well . :tommy: :green_heart::welcome::thanks:


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Everything is looking great here GGD! :rollit:
Thank you HH. needed things settled before a new journal could be done. Thanks for the positives. hope your safe and healthy with a larder full and Mason jars rammed ?.


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Day 54 from seed: So far there are no dramas to speak of except one pump had spat its pipe out and wasn't sending water to the tray !!!. thankfully these big Hugo cubes hold a lot of water so besides a lack of grub temporarily, no harm done. The NFT ladies are not showing any issues with the MC at all with the mix strength, no signs of ph issues , burn , drop, Nadal. feels too smooth !!!. I have been supercropping them to avoid letting them get too natural structure wise and they are all now quadlined . I have begun stripping out the 2nd tips on the interior sites to avoid overcrowding once the buds get busy. Aside from the ghost og and the fruity Gorilla, they have all been punished with the bends and crushing but I am giving them a little recovery time too. The lid on the nft is a pain to tie down too so a few good 90° knuckles should keep them in place for the flip and stretch i hope. The Los ladies are steaming ahead at the moment and show no signs of slowing down either. I have topped , supercropped , bent , crushed and uses "The Force " to keep them where they are but I plan on using ties for these beasts before the flip. They could get silly big and they are not even directly under light now either. The nft will catch them up soon enough and I can then plan flipping. I am going toned some.mulch to the pots and also my waste from the hash making of last crops trim ( still to do ....) They ate still moist in the pots so dont need another water yet. I hope to nail this water cycle this run as the coco feeding had me treating the los the same time and I thinknthey needed their own cycle.
They have all settled into the NFT well and i can get on with them now there are clear leaders among the 6 in the tanks and looking at the ghost OG , a clear underdog too.
My special girl is doing well and has 6 nodes to work with so hopefully she will have 2 weeks to grow them out a little before I flip her with her neighbours.

Original Sensible Seed Company Crew

Zamnesia Seeds Cartel and GGD seed envoy.

Fast Buds Fast Flowering #1(Front) , #5(Middle) , #7 (Back)

Monster Zkittelz

C Banana

Fruity Gorilla Sorbet ( My girl)

Gorilla Glue #4

Ghost O.G

Wedding cake

So there we have it for an update folks. Keep healthy and well.
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