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Ganjagrower24 Indoor AK-47, Trainwreck - 2010


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i have 1 ak-47 plant(seedling) 3 trainwreck plants(vegatative state/clone) and 1 cross breed from a northern lights and a trainwreck plant(seedling/clone).the trainwreck plants have been in veg. state for about 1-3 months(not really sure, because i got them from a friend that didnt really know the history of the plant.)the ak-47 plant has been in the seedling state for about a month now.all of my plants are indoors and are supported by soil.in my soil i have 20% nitrogen.the light my plants are under is a LED 14 watt bulb system and the light stays on from 7am to 11pm everyday.my plants are constantly kept cool by my aircondioner and a fan(which blows air to the plants every 10 seconds).the temp. for the grow room is usually kept at 77 degrees F. but can sometimes range from 71 to 79 degrees.and i water the roots every 2 days and i mist the leaves 2 times a day (once at 9 am once at 9 pm).


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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

so here are some more photos of my plants =)

trainwreck clone #3

trainwreck clone #2

trainwreck clone #1



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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

hey ganjagrower24
:welcome: to the friendliest place around :Hookah:
lots of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people here, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

your girls are looking very nice,, if you need any tips, ask around, there will be many here to help out... in the mean time, two great places to start are

How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

so, is this your first grow?, what are your plans? do you have other lights you will be using? are you going to try to get all of them to the same state before flowering, or are you going to run 2 rooms,, one for veg and one for flower?

looking good so far,, :goodluck:


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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

hey herb zen! thank you for the links!:thanks:

Yes is this my first time growing, and its going pretty good for the most part. Although i think my little ak47 may be wilting =( but it is showing signs of improvement. My plan here is too gather as much knoledge about the cannabis plant as possible so that the next time i start a garden i will have a better understanding of what i have to do. Like how often should i water it? what soil works best for indoor plants? and other ways of keeping a healthy garden. ya know? and im not sure about 2 different rooms yet because i may give my buddy some of the plants. ( hes looking to take 2 clones and the northernwreck) so that leaves me with the AK47 and one cloned trainwreck. I do have a 400 watt HPS light bulb but im not sure if thats better for the plants than the one im using currently (14 watt LED light). but if you have any suggestions on anything please let me know!!!

Thank You herb zen :thanks:

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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

the 400 will be much better, once they get bigger, and need the extra light..
you giving the bigger girls away?, just try to keep two that are close together in maturity, and it will be easier for you ..

this is a great place to learn, lots of info, and will be a great learning experience for you.

waetering... I use the lift-pot method...
basicall, lift the pot when bone dry, or just transplanted, before watering,, note how heavy it is,, that is 0%...
water your girl well, until you get runoff,, then lift the pot,, note how heavy it is,,, think of that is 100%...

now just lift your pot every day,, don't water again until you are about 25% or so.. (take into account the weight of the new growth as well)


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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

thank you for the watering tip! that will definately come in handy cause i never know how much water to give them lol

im not sure about the 400 watt light, because i have heard that they can burn the plants and run up the electric bill. so im considering buying the bloomboss 45w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.
BloomBoss.com - BloomBoss 45w LED Grow Light

saves on electricty but im not 100% sure if that'll be better for my girls than the 400 watt hps...so im going to do a little research first

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Re: ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

the 400w light should not be that bad,, check out this thread..
420 Magazine ®

how much is your electricity rate? lets say it was 21 cents kwh,, then a 1k light would cost 21 cents to run for one hour.. so it will not be that bad. as for burn, you want to ease them into the new light, form the led, and keep the light 12 inches or so from the top of them,, put your hand at the top of the canopy, back of your hand facing the light,, if it is too hot for the back of your hand,, it is too hot for your plants..


I am using the bloom boss 45 in my veg cabinet,, it is very nice for that, it woudl not even be close to enough for the main flowering light, no where near the needed penetration... but man, my babies LOVE that light,, very healthy and bushy..

I use the bloom boss 14w panel for my nursery, when I put them in their first pot (1gal) they go under the 45w,, and as they veg, they move through the cab, to a 150w hps, then out to the flower room, starting with a 400w HPS, then moving to a 600w HPS...

The LEDs work so well in veg, that I want to replace my 150 with a 90w UFO...


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Re: Ganjagrower24 indoor ak-47,trainwreck-2010

does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong with my babies?

as you can see the leaves seem pretty limp. should i water it more? does it need stronger light? water it less?


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heyyy my plants arent looking so hott =( the leaves are drooping but only on the lower half of the plant...see


does anyone have anyy suggestions???


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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!


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hey was just wondering since you have experience with the bloomboss leds if the new bloomboss 300watt would get me through flowering only on 4 plants in 4x4 tent..any thoughts would be appreciated
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