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GanjaPreneur Tackles The Octopot System #2!


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Well, here we are again, let me start by saying we are well into this second grow and I am already starting to prepare for my 3rd grow. I will preface by saying this will be the final grow with the Octopot system for now as I will be setting up a full hydro system moving forward. This change is by no means a fault of the Octopot as it is doing fantastic and always has(you will see below) :D.

Here are the basics...

GanjaPreneur420 2019 Grow Journal (#2) currently in week 2 of flower.

One(1) CANUK Do-Si-Dos Feminized
Two(2) CANUK Gelato Feminized
Growing Medium:
Pro-Mix HP
Advanced Nutrients Cal-Mag
Veg - Advanced Nutrients 3 part system(grow, micro, bloom), B-52, Voodoo Juice.
Bloom - Advanced Nutrients 3 part system(grow, micro, bloom), B52, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, Overdrive.
4' X 4' X 6' grow tent
6 Gallon Octopot Reservoirs with 6 Gallon grow sleeves
Light - HLG550 v1 build (4xQB288 Quantum Boards, HLG-480H-C2100A Driver).
Vortex S-600 6" Inline Fan.
VivoSun 6" Air Carbon Filter.
6" Hurricane Clip Fan x2.
Light Schedule:
18/6 during veg, 12/12 during flower.


Started this grow on July 8th, 2019 and placed the seeds into show glasses to begin germination. As you will see below we started with a few others and ended up with only 3 that survived. Pretty disappointed considering the 1st grow I had 100%. Meh live and learn.


The Blueberry, Obi-Wan, and Wedding Cake all made Germinated however did not make it out of the soil. A second Gelato was successfully germinated a day or 2 after this photo.

Seeds were placed in soil on July 10th at approximately 10pm.
Plants were switched to Flower on Aug 30th, 2019.

Below I will post random photos of the grow up until today Sept 9th, 2019.

Do-Si-Dos will be the Sativa-ish looking plant or the biggest one through-out the grow.





Trying to get a natural light picture of the colour.

Had to add a second net.. Still trying to manage my Scrog abilities.. You will see a 3rd net added once into flowering. Each net gets progressively bigger the higher it gets.




This would take us to Aug 26th.

More to come.


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Sept 11, 2019

Some more pics I took today. The Gelato's are starting to produce their bud sites. The bad news, they are getting tall.. Last grow - Short bushy, this grow - too tall.... One of these grows ill get it on point :reading420magazine: Other than the height I think everything is looking pretty decent.

Did a feeding on Monday Sep 09 brought the ppm to 950(ish) the Do-si-dos got a bit higher at 1050. Ph ranged from 6-6.3.

Each plant drank about 4 gallons of water/nutrients and the reservoir was topped up to 6 gallons.






^^^ That was a horrible photo.... :(


Next round of photos will come sometime on the weekend.

Stay medicated my friends, :Rasta:



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Here are a few more pics as promised.

From Friday,



(Added a bit more Cal-Mag to the regular feeding of the back left Gelato as it appears to be a bit low)

Now the rest are from Today after the defoliation and feeding.








Will do a midweek update next,

Until then, :Rasta:


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Look forward to seeing how your Do-Si-Dos from Canuk Seeds go, as I’m into week 7 of veg with mine. Training got a bit away from me but coming back around to what I originally wanted to do. Hope you get a good haul from everything
Thanks, yea it is definitely the furthest along. Liking the grow you got going on, I would be way to scared to grow that many in a 4x4 tent.


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Looks like a tight setup.
Ive thought about the jump to hydro myself but not quite ready yet :nervous-guy:
Yea I hear ya, honestly the only reasons I am switching is I purchased a new car and dont want to put a pale of soil in the backseat...:rolleyes: Also a lot cleaner in the tent and I find it easier to manage nutrients.


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It was feeding day so I decided to do an update while I was at it... The Gelato's have blown up. Anyone who is curious as to when to flip, I would flip asap haha the damn things grew crazy. The top budsite is literally touching the quantum board...Should be interesting to see how that one turns out haha

I have raised the light as high as I possible can. (next build will have a different layout for the carbon filter).






I will post a mid week update,

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. :lot-o-toke:


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I was gonna say supercrop but u have no where to bend em too... i agree be interesting to see how it turns out
Oh that top one is going to be crispy for sure... The others below it are looking extra frosty though so they might be in a nice position, we shall see. :popcorn:
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