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Gardenfaerie Outdoor Organic Summer 2014 Flux and LST in Ground

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I am growing three strains:

Money Maker
Lemon Kush
White Widow x Big Bud

Both are indica dominant.
Plants are currently in veg stage with a few early flowers due to day length. I planted out too early.

Soil is native soil mixed with approximately 50% organic matter in the form of compost which was made in wind rows using inoculation methods to insure fungal and bacterial organisms both are thriving.

I am using a number of different fertilizers, but I used Medina brand pelletized fertilizer in the soil. Each prill has an outer coating of molasses and is a ratio of 8-2-4. As I fertilize, I will list what and how much I will use. I do believe if soil in the ground is prepared properly, I should not need to fertilize when I'm watering. The ground should have everything and maybe just prior to flower I would top dress with a fertilizer high in phosphorous and about half that of potassium. I use only certified organic methods, including pest management if necessary.

Two Lemon Kush plants will be growing in 30 gallon containers using Light Addict's fluxing method. I made a few mistakes at the start, so this will not be my night in shining armor, but I think I should get nice production from these plants.

The plants have been in the ground since May 5...there about. I have only had to water them one time since they've been planted and even that was probably not necessary yet. Compost and a nice thick layer of shredded mulch hold moisture in the soil, but an even more important function (even indoors and in containers) is to prevent the splashing of pathogens up from the soil. Many times pathogens are in the soil but need to be on the foliage in order to develop and reproduce. They are dormant in soil. Water splashes and up goes the pathogen to the underside of the leaf. So mulch prevents that. Vital in production of tomatoes, potatoes and many other plants. All of them, actually.

And now, here is what I am up to. I built my scrog for the four in the ground.


This is taken from the bedroom window:



Lemon Kush:



I still have to run the cording on the screen and I have to assemble one for the two 30 gallon pots, but those plants are not ready for transplant yet. I'm letting the roots get very dense in the container. When I water them, I use 1/4 amount of mycorrhizae each time to insure contact with roots and good solid development of a fungal mat in the container...as much as that is possible, that is.

I'll come back and add links to my completed journal and non-420 garden journal.
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Oh I hope you're right D. I will not be a happy camper after all this! But, worst comes to worst, it moved inside. I will just buy the stuff and that's that. One closet should be enough room to comfortably grow at least 8 plants and I can vent it right out into the roof and up and out the roof vents, as well as pull fresh air in from the same location.

But we'll give this a go outside and see what comes of it.

I want to clean up the foliage on the plants, but they still have some buds and I don't want to hermie them or do something which could do that to them more than their already stressed little bodies!


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A few more photos of outside, but taken while outside and not through really dirty windows!

Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush with one broken arm


A few of the scrog outside. It does need to be stiffened up. It will be once I get it all assembled, glued and buried deeper.





Eating half a cookie now and MARK IS TOO! YAY! He'll smoke.


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It is a garden of eden, but it is also a lot of work for this old broad!


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Nice work on the backyard. You definitely know what your doing :) gj


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Very nice GF! :)

That scrog will be awesome!

Is everybody having trouble getting on here? I can get to here but I can't get to my own journal....:circle-of-love:

The subscribed threads wont open on m computer, but Today's Posts will. That's how I got here :)


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Here's a baby update. I transplanted the two Lemon Kush in to their 30 gallon containers. I used a relatively rich mix which contains broken shards of shale, trace minerals, mycorrhizae, compost full of actinomycetes which may be a little hot (shoot). To the soil I also added a handful of Epsom salt, and organic fertilizer which contains also, trace elements. Here we go. This is one plant, the bigger of the two. I buried it so about one inch sticks out of the soil. The split on the main flux arm got deeper yesterday when I transplanted. Both plants have beautiful white roots all the way to the bottom of the pot so I was pleased.

Container is 30" diameter.




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Every time I get ready to post the AK fluxer you beat me and make me not want to put her up here...... Your babies look amazing.....:circle-of-love:


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Post your update. Your little girl is going to be ten times nicer than mine. I have major trouble defoling. I know, I know. I have to do it. But you are better at it. Let's see what happens when the roots get out into the new soil.

Oh, I found this huge metal ring/stand thing in the Walmart dumpster just now! I'll take photos and post up later. Holy cow this thing is fantastic...


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hi gardenfaerie, i like your garden, i think i need to start a grow journal. i will be growing 6 plants from feminized seeds, all different strains, all outside . i hope i can learn how to grow outside with help from outdoor growers
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