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Gary Johnson For President?

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
We like it when New Mexico makes the travel or food channels for its Hatch green chile; we're not keen on making the late shows as the butt of bong jokes.

Thus we feel some trepidation upon learning former Gov. Gary Johnson, who advocates legalizing marijuana, may run for president in 2012.

The Republican, with a lot of Libertarian in him, was on Thursday's straw poll at Saint Anselm (N.H.) College. It's the first coming-out for some who seek a feel of their political strength.

It's gets our name out there. New Mexico has always had somewhat of an identity problem – as in, "So, do y'all get to Mexico City much?" But, Johnson has always been a tad off the spectrum in the political world.

Although he won two terms as governor (1995-2003) he's most known as "Governor No" for having vetoed 742 bills in eight years.

We're not sure just how serious Johnson is about gaining the presidency; perhaps he just wants some face time on the primary dais in order to get his marijuana message out? However, Johnson had been seen on the Saint Anselm College campus several times.

We do know that he's one for calculated moves. After all, it wasn't until he'd secured his second term as governor that he made public his position of marijuana legalization.

Johnson is most popular for his stances of anti-tax and anti-bureaucracy.

The legalization of marijuana – mostly as a government money-maker – is only beginning to reach the whisper stage among politicians. It's still considered political suicide to come out in favor. And those whispers may get no louder, ever, at least in this generation. Many pundits agree on that.

Thus it's with mixed feelings we watch our former and popular governor, a real fiscal hawk, test his wings for the highest office in the United States.

Twice in a row a New Mexico politician runs for the presidency? Sounds great.

But, on what platform this time? Ex-New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the fiscal hawk, aka "Governor No?" Or, Ex-New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who would forever be known as the first proponent to legalize mind-alternating smokes?


Govenor Gary Johnson at NORML​

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