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Gathering Hopes To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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West Virginia - Some people took to the streets Saturday, with hopes of legalizing medical marijuana in the Mountain State. It's a heated debate that has gained a lot of traction over the years, especially for those close to the campaign. "I'm a patient. I'm a hemophiliac," David Tayman of Huntington said. "I don't want to have to take those narcotics all the time if there's a safer alternative." Tayman and others gathered Saturday outside the Cabell County Courthouse with the goal of spreading their message.

They support medical marijuana, which is usually in the form of an oil, rather than the smoking form. Larry Pierce is one of those supporters. He shared a personal testimony of what he said medical marijuana is capable of. "My father was a 36-year Marine and POW for four years in Vietnam. He had an extreme, extreme case of PTSD," Pierce said. For his dad, Pierce said the drugs made it worse and that's when he decided to try marijuana. Pierce said marijuana gave him and his family an extra 10 years with his father.

With election season in full swing and Election Day just three months away, those at the rally are hoping those supporting their cause speak up and create a change. "It's time. I mean, it's 2014. It's time," Pierce said. The West Virginia Legislature did hold several hearings on legalizing marijuana this year, but a bill never came to the floor for a full vote. Right now, there's no word whether the measure will be brought back to the table for debate next year.


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