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Aussie Stoner

New Member
hey ever1 this is Aussie Stoner
i hail from seouth east queensland australia
thought i would join this seein as its the maddest site
i started smokin weed wen i was 12 n am now 18
i started cos of peer pressure n havent looked bak LOL!!!!
i do wonder if i will eva give up but at the mo its 2 hard wit all me m8s that smoke the Kron but neways im gunna enjoy it while i can
Please feel free to drop me a line or to post a threD

tAKE iT TO tHE HEAD!!!!!

Herb Fellow

New Member
Welcome new friend! May your bowl always be full and smokin'!

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
another aussie.... gettin' sorta thick with ya'll round here :cool:

but thats a good thing! Welcome, make yerself at home.



New Member
hi there just joind cool stuf to here that aus is well and alive with free thinkers. you have only been smoking for 6 yeats me istarted at 9 and am now 47 keep on toking a while to go injoying the lands and cobord welth of growing chow mate
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