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Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought id join your awesome community as im soon to get the ball rolling and i will probably need some advise! Also its great to keep a log for the future i can look back on once i start my journal.

Plans so far once in full function is to have 3 2.4mx2.4m tents running.. 2 for flower with 4x600w hps lights per tent and a veg/mother/clone tent running 4x400w mh lights.

My first run will be using hempy buckets which will give me time to upgrade to something self watering.

So ive just recieved my beans.
My strains i have to start with are:
Dp white widow 10 fem
Calli conections 818 headband 6 fem
Dinafem original amnesia 1 fem
Th seeds la s.a.g.e 1 fem
Delicouse seeds cbd jam 1 fem (which i wont be running)
World of seeds afghan kush ryder auto 1 fem
Exotic seeds green gummy auto 1 fem

I will be ordering more once next months promo arrives. Id like a nice indica im thinking double black but open to sujestions.

I will be popping my beans at the start of next week as i have to go away this weekend. As soon as i do i will make a journal and i hope you guys can jump onboard for the ride.

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Hey HappyNHigh, welcome to 420!! Glad you made it here! Sounds like you are going to have one hell of a set up when you are up and running. I am looking forward to seeing it in action. Make sure you start a journal in the Journal section so everyone else will be able to take a peak and see you work your magic! Again, welcome to 420!!
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