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GDP & Ghost OG

Sir Budlovski

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Hey everyone.
Got an interesting question, did want it in growers lounge but out of respect I've asked it here.

Unfortunately where I reside there is absolutely nowhere that sells strains/seeds let alone clones. :( the worst thing about illagality is missing out on the good GOOD stuff.
I read up on the Ghost OG and grandaddy purple(proper one) and decided I'd love to have a ghost mother and atleast try out a GDP grow and smoke.
Unfortunately my last order and months before I kept checking seedbanks they were all out to my bad luck, I know these strains were mainly clone only at times, one seed company had a ghost og made up of ghost of clone x OG kush that's sold out, most of the GDPs i have seen, also sold out.
I msgd ossc who I got my last order from and they said they couldnt see why they wouldn't be able to sell them again, but their not the actually bank breeding/selling them.

So my question is does anyone know if there's seeds of these available on any seedbank they use?
Will these strains be sold as seeds again?

Also if anyone has grown(from seed) or smoked ghost OG id love to hear your thoughts on it?

Now GDP if anyone has experience with various breeds of GDP id love to hear from you on what the best breed of it was/from?

Any info on this would be awesome :)
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