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Gelato 33 - Chocolate Mint OG - Godberry - Cookies Kush

Gelato 33 - Black Skull (x4)
Choc Mint OG - Humbolt Seed Organisation (x3)
Godberry - Freedom of Seeds (x1)
Cookies Kush - Barneys Farm (x1)

These ladies have already been in 12/12 for a week. They have had about 6 weeks of veg under a blue CFL 250w from sprouting to the flip. They are grown under 600w hps in a 1.2m x 1.2 m tent in an 8 x 6 litre pot Wilma with a ninth pot over the reservoir access hole. Topped at the 6th node (except for one stumpy little bugger I left alone) and I will be putting up a SCROG net at approx 25 inches and using a bit of LST to hopefully create a nice even canopy of buds - my aim is to get everything the same light exposure to increase the yield and consistency in finishing. Grown in Canna Professional Coco with Canna A and B and Canna Boost at the first formation of flowers.

All healthy so far. Just starting to see the plants respond to the new environment with ruffled, lush, green growth bursting out of all the tips.

Pics and more to follow.

Happy Daze

Live Well Good people of The World!
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