Gelato-K Grow Journal

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Gelato-K [Gelato x Bubba Kush] is a prize-winning strain famed for it's sweet flavours and with 20% THC, the quality is guaranteed

Sativa dominant, I will need to top and LST to keep the plant at a manageable height of 80cm max

This seedling is 7-10 days since germination and I am feeding 1.5ml/L plus rooting booster, so as I expected the growth above ground is a little slow while the roots are building

They say it's a rocketship Sativa! Happy growing Grow! I'm also tagging as much as I can, btw, in pics....
I think I must have used too much root booster, the foliage is growing very slowly indeed
So I've up-potted today and saw that the roots are OK, but nothing like what I would expect
Not too worried though - the Sweet Zombie had the same treatment but went absolutely crazy when I up-potted it

Gelato-K Week 2
Vegging slowly - here's Gelato-K and an auto which could be Hijack or Auto-Pounder
I really hope it is the Jack Herer x AK47 Hijack
The seedling nearly failed - it's almost three weeks old ffs, but it's growing now - wonder what it will do?

Gelato-K Photo-period is growing quite fast now and the Jack Herer x AK47 [Hijack] Auto-flower is also picking up


These are both being put under 12/12 full light and will be flowered very early, so I will aim for just main colas on the Gelato-K and treat it like a SOG cutting
The auto will just do it's thing
Gelato-K Grow Journal

I have had to give up on these, the Gelato-K refused to flower after 3-4 weeks after flip, 48hrs dark and 13/11; nothing
The auto is even more confused than me, and started growing like bamboo
So scrapped this grow and packed up until the New Year

Thanks to everyone for looking in ♥️
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