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General Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients


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Has anyone done or seen/ read a side by side comparison between GH and Advanced Nutrients?

I have been using GH's 3 part base and there entire line up and so far very happy with it yet i have heard a lot of people say there is no comparison between the two products! I 've also heard statements like GH is watered down and so on...

But like I said I am very happy with GH's line up and I would be very impressed to know if AN's line up was better but I want to know for sure or I may need to do my own side by side comparison.

Any help would be very much appreciated :blunt:

JJ Bones

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The Jungle Juice is identical to the GH 3 part. I believe it's cheaper too. If you do decide to switch try the Jungle Juice first to see if you notice a difference.
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