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General Hydroponics Flora Series (Hardwater) 3 Quarts - 32 oz Micro Grow Bloom


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So this just arrived General Hydroponics Flora Series Hardwater 3 Quarts - 32 oz Micro Grow Bloom
I only noticed it said hard water the next day.....derp
if its not good to do then I will hold off for a bit
I am waiting till friday to make a 2hr trip to the hydro store for a ppm meter and the regular Gh.Micro

but the thing is my plants in the soil haven't been fed in about a few weeks...and have only been watered ever since
so what I am wanting to know is...will it hurt to use this kit not knowing if I have hardwater or not?
and what part of the feeding schedule should I start feeding them from?
thanks for your help

posted a couple pics below


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managed to get some pics up

the one in the blue pot actually has 2 plants in it,I will get a little closer later
I had to drive half an hour to get the big one today because people were stealing my plants :(
I stashed them somewhere else and now they will come inside when the sun goes down ...this should only happen for another week or 2

the one in the tires was grown under 180w ufo in my closet ....ran out of nutes untill today but theres the not knowing if I have hardwater or not thing


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with "soft water"). Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of calcium and magnesium-containing minerals such as limestone, chalk and dolomite.

Hard drinking water is generally not harmful to one's health,[1] but can pose serious problems in industrial settings, where water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers, and other equipment that handles water. In domestic settings, hard water is often indicated by a lack of suds formation when soap is agitated in water, and by the formation of limescale in kettles and water heaters. Wherever water hardness is a concern, water softening is commonly used to reduce hard water's adverse effects.

Hope this helps.


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thanks for the info on hard water :) now I haven't fed them this combo yet I think I will hold off till Thursday or Friday :) I plan on getting a ppm meter and flora micro....
But...since that will be their first taste of this mix once measured correctly ,I am now trying to find out what strength I should feed them at.
The little one in (soil/perlite) has been flowering since July,5th
and the Bigones in the blue tub (soil/perlite) sprouted in late March ........27th +/- a day
just want to be sure because they grew up on different nutes(Medi One from green Planet) but I ran out a few weeks ago and decided to try new nutes

thanks again


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here is a look underneath the bush lol
I lollipopped it today the ain't even 1/3 but I felt I had to stop before I went crazeh :oops:
anyway let me know what you think

ps.got the flora micro today with a 1k hps with reflector......kinda scared to plug it in lmao


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thanks :) I went with full strength last night....no burning yet,but it's early
another thing ,I used flora micro -Hardwater,
if they don't like the Hardwater edition I will mix flora micro -hard water and regular flora micro together ....if that doesn't work I will just use regular flora micro ....still no ppm meter lol hit my budget max to the hydro store on Thursday
now that I have the 2 versions of flora micro I ain't too worried about a ppm meter until I go full hydro
anyway thanks for the help ,I am thinking of setting my first journal but I don't have the fancy siding yet ''/ making the best of it
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