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General Hydroponics products in a recirculating system


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I use the GH product line for my hydroponic indoor grow. The chart furnished by GH lists solution mixes for: Seedling/Mild Growth/Growth/Agg Growth/Transition/Bloom/Agg Bloom/Ripen

I start my grow with clones. They seem to take approx. 10 weeks to harvest - depending on the strains. I start with the Growth and then Agg. Growth for about 10 days each under the veg lighting. Then I switch over to Transition for another 10 days - at the same time I change the lighting to flower.

Here is where I need some direction: Do I just go another 10 days with the Bloom and then again with Agg Bloom? Then switch to the Ripen for the remaining time? Approximately 20 days?

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