General Questions About DWC & Autos

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This is my first DWC experience, and it started a little shaky. The plant was an auto that was stunted at growth (not sure why). So I yanked it from soil and put it in my DWC bucket. Low and behold it is now growing at a pretty fast rate. So here are my questions:

1. For a first timer, I've been using General Hydraponics nutrients. I just changed my bucket water, and used 4TSP Gro, 2.5TSP Micro, and 1TSP Bloom, and 2TSP kelp. Does this seem reasonable? I'm phing my water anywhere between 5.8 and 6.2

2. My leaves seem to be quite yellow, and are missing that lush green color that I'm used to in soil. Any thoughts?

3. This pertains mostly to Auto's in general. My blueberry auto has been under a t5 24/7 for I don't know how long, but it is showing some hairs. Is it time to put it into 12/12 regardless of it's height and size? Or should I keep it in veg till it's larger?




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I would say give it more nitrogen but check the ph first
looks like lack of nitrogen
and your first pic looks like its a male


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General Questions About DWC & Autos

Well first of welcome to the world of Dwc yes she is very yellow her is my feed schedule .
i used it a lot with good results also where is all your hydrotin at lol and with autos u never have to switch lights at best if u want down time do 18/6
Now the mix is per gallon