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Generation Gap Causes Irrational Decisions

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Perhaps I've become softer in my advancing years, but recently I have noticed several things that I am a lot more okay with than I used to be. It's funny how our views change over time, and sometimes all it takes is a simple consideration of the other side of the issue. Moreover, once a person has a revelation like the kind I am about to discuss, it is really frustrating how the powers-that-be will do everything they can to stop it.

Everybody knows that gas prices are soaring again and while it is a given that they will eventually ebb like the tide, it is another given that they will flow again at some point too. The gross debt of the United States has increased by an unfathomable sum of more than $500 billion each year since 2003, according to the Treasury, and the end of this increase is nowhere in sight.

One option that is extremely viable is, of course, the legalization of marijuana; forget doctor-prescribed medical cards, just legalize it already. I am by no means a weed smoker. I have partaken approximately three times in my life and, honestly, I don't fare very well on it. It just isn't for me. But, just because I can't handle it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to blaze up whenever you want.

I used to think that people that smoked weed frequently were dumb and weren't very motivated in life. That is, of course, true for some habitual stoners, but most of my friends like to smoke a little weed now and then and a lot of them are motivated and upstanding individuals, and I'm willing to bet that most of my peers are the same way.

This is simply because society has become more tolerant with marijuana and - all things considered - it's really not a huge deal. So why doesn't the government realize this? There is so much money to be made on this untapped resource by just legalizing and taxing it that it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to keep it in the pseudo-gray area it is currently in.

Governments always tend to complicate the issues and there is usually much more debate over a lot of issues than there needs to be, but with weed, it seems like the government has turned it into a pariah, cast out by those in power but championed by the common man.

One reason this dichotomy exists is because of the nature of our political system. Often the representatives making decisions on our behalf are simply out-of-touch with the evolution of our society. I'm not trying to solve the age-old problems inherent in our system because - by-and-large - our system does work. All I'm saying is that there are certain things wrong with it, and this attitude toward weed is definitely one that needs to be changed.

It never ceases to amaze me how progressive yet restricting this country can be. Take the recent online poker ban in the U.S. I am an avid gambler and poker is one of my favorite pastimes, but now - because it is misunderstood by lawmakers - I can't play poker online anymore due to some convoluted charges of fraud.

This should anger you as it does me. With so many untapped resources that could help our floundering economy being ignored, what exactly are politicians doing in Washington? Not a whole hell of a lot is my guess.

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Julie Gardener

New Member
It really is unbelievable how out of touch our reps seem to be. Cannabis can solve so many of our worldly problems. Reading Jack Herer’s book ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ and it makes me very anger to the point of tears.

Let’s start with medicines to be able to cure ourselves naturally. Cancer, really?!?! That's amazing. Fuels that burn clean and help our environment maintain a healthy balance instead of fossil fuels and coal that are detrimental to our fragile earth. Fiber for paper that is easier to make than using tree pulp. Why are we still cutting down our trees!?!? Building materials that last, plastics that are bio-degradable. We can be feeding our cats, dogs, birds, fish and many farm animals hempseed to allow for maximum weight for less than what it costs now, without any artificial steroids and such that are currently ‘poisoning’ all of us slowly. Hemp food and proteins to end world hunger...Hmm, Really!?!? Really!! Some of the strongest and most durable textiles, soil amendments to clean up present day disasters, free enterprise with great profits to stimulate our economy. Not to mention people enjoying the recreational effects of marijuana and leading very productive lives. And the list goes on and on still…

It boggles my mind that this is still being challenged and not embraced. It makes me want to send a copy, or better yet hand-deliver a copy of Jack’s book to each and every representative or whoever it will inspire that can make a difference. Once you see the facts, it makes our government rational about this issue look so silly. It seems to be a lot of fear and not enough knowledge that holds it back. Cannabis is the most resourceful and environmentally sound stabilizer the world needs right now, it's both socially and monetarily responsible…

It will eventually come to be but in this case the sooner the better.

Propa Gator

New Member
So, a grad student has reached such an age in life that he wonders: What's the big deal with pot? Perhaps politicians are just a little slow to change?
He wonders :smokin2:
If you think that a half trillion per year increased public debt is part of a system that "...works - by and large -", I ask who does it work for? Do you write off the debt because it is "unfathomable"? Do you plan to not pay your share of the debt? Will you bring children into the world when you grow-up and get married? The thieves in charge of our travesty government are feeding at the public trough now, to position their families for the future. Your family will likely get lies, excuses, much reduced government service, and very hard times.
None of these politicians or big-biz stockholders gives a shit about public welfare or benefit. Without them, cannabis can bring a huge array of goodness to most of humanity, but... They're in charge, and at war to stay there.

Don't be confused, we are at war. Which side are you on?
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