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Generation J

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does anybody else do this: save the roaches of a joint. once you get enough roaches roll up a joint with that, smoke it then save that roach for a second generation j. and so on. i finally got to a thrid generation. it was a killer :D if you use this method what generation have you made it to?

the easiest way to do this is to roll blunts,
you can do it with regular joints but it takes a loong time, with rolling large coners or blunts we managed 5th gen, man it was so black and sticky, real good too :)
yes, it fucks you up more when you do it by generation but still rollong joints.. my friend rolled up even 3rd generation joint and it gets you faded becuase the weed is broken up allready but its all sticked together sorta becuase the resin that travels to the other end sticks to the bud. so its a clean way to get high
wait, so do you just put the roach in there, with the paper. or do you break apart the roach pinch out the weed and put it in? cuz ive done the second one before..but then my parents found my roaches...owell
No what you do is save up some roaches, about.. 5 or 6, and break the roaches apart, get the sticky ass bud :) ( it will be sorta brown from resin soaked ) and then you get the bud, and roll another regular joint with it. and smoke it..
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yea, roaches are good to mix with regular weed too. mix it and put it in a bong, if you don't smoke joints or blunts that much. the roach just steps up the high

so a third generation roach would be one that you put a bunch of j's into? wouldn't it take forever to get to a 4th generation roach then? thats a good idea though, i'll start doing it sometime
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yea the generations take a long time. it takes about a week of a first generation. over a month for a second generation. a little under a half a year for a thrid. I haven't made it to the fourth yet.
right now i have a 17th generation blunt roach that's 3 inches long. it's the same dope put through 16 roach blunts and the end so it's resinated up pretty well. i doubt i'll ever smoke it, prolly just keep resinating it until i die or something
hahaha, its funny becuase i started doing it as soon as this topic started and i told my sis about it and im smokin a ten " generation " of a joint right now of that i saved hahaha cool shit man!