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Germany: Cannabis Law


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I was in Germany in the mid 70's and the hashish trade was considered a funding source for terrorist groups and the like. With decriminalize and establishing markets for the production of hashish that funding would dry up. Of course politicians will always use the anti drug soap box to run their campaigns on. That is why the education of the masses is needed to weed out those reprobates.
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I was born in bavaria... and can say only that the police in bavaria is a crew of asholes.
When you have just a half gram they will fuck you up. Now I am really happy that I left bavaria.

But now there are good news! The party of "Die Grünen" (the greens) have a new plan to legalise cannabis... and they have support from SPD and FDP partys.

Cannabis lovers greet Green legalization plan - The Local

Pro-legalization campaigners welcomed the Green party's move, although they said that it was unlikely to succeed.

“Politicians are definitely not ready for it, both CDU [Christian Democratic Union] and SPD [Social Democratic Party] will vote against it,” Georg Wurth of the German Hemp Federation (DHV) told The Local.

Germany's two largest parties, currently governing together in a 'grand coalition' of centre-left and centre-right, are unlikely to leapfrog public opinion.

A November poll by infratest dimap on behalf of the DHV showed that only 30 percent of people believed cannabis should be made completely legal, although 80 percent were in favour of legalizing cannabis as a medicine.

Wurth argued that despite the polls, the Greens were taking an important step forward with their proposal.

“It's a worthwhile contribution to the discussion, it's a milestone in the debate as the first detailed draft law,” Wurth said.

“I think more and more that we're not discussing so much whether cannabis will be legalized as when,” he added.

'Basically legal as a medicine'

Wurth pointed out that just as in the USA in the years leading up to legalization in some states, cannabis is now “basically legal as a medicine in Germany, although it's treated very restrictively.”

Figures released on Wednesday by the Federl Institute for Medicines and Medical Products (BfArM) showed that 382 Germans are currently legally taking cannabis as a painkiller.

A total of 424 licenses have been granted for doctor-supervised medical use of cannabis since a 2005 Supreme Court decision, although 42 of those patients have since died.


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Peace to all in germany and europe as i lived tgere for 3 years in FRIEDBERG while stationed on "das panzier" halo meine fwends.. i agree with this totally in some places in germany they are very relaxed..one time i was smoking by my kids mothers place right outside a politzei cookout, they just shook my hands and smiled..i did too while smoking the white widow, but if you go around frankfurt you will see people getting searched like a BORDER CROSSING, pressed up on walls like sticky notes..but i like that germany is so close to amsterdam, i have drove from germany to holland 2 times & came back with rush hour with some amsterdam goodies inside of 2 boxes of fried chicken. I also travel there 1-2 times a year. I was there last year surfing around wiesbaden, mainz, frankfurt, ramstein,..& i really miss my DONER KABAB. Peace to all in germany and continue to do your best out there.. auf wiedersehn


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When i needed some in wiesbaden i just drove around the city around the small shops and found ppl and asked and i got some, it was the area near the main hobanhof station..basically outside any internet store or doner kabob because people love to eat after they smoke..or look around and ask people in a club or bar in wiesbaden, where they are drinks there will be people that will smoke too, good luck on your search


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mailing anything inside of the EU u will not have any issues, the issues arise when you have customs that are authorized to open search and seize when they feel like it (regardless of content).
Feel confident u can mail freely within the EU.
Swiss = NON EU ;)


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genau, stay stealth, quite, small, not auffällig, and I smoke also home so that part is relaxed but the laws are for my opinion St.pid


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I have never seen a roadside swab test and I have travelled the country very extensively by car by train by bike, tramping.
I now I live berlin and some years and I can tell you that whole city stinks of granja but anyway here at just about any disco bathroom you can find any kind of the party supplies you may want ;-)
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