Germinating seeds in rockwool


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Rockwool is a nice way to start seeds:

1. Condition the rockwool (1.5 in sq cubes) in 5.0ph water a few hours, drain
2. Rinse rockwool in distilled water then lightly sqeeze dry.
3. Place seed pointy end down into rockwool, cover top with a thin piece of rockwool
4. Place in a dark warm place and wait for the seeds to germinate, make sure it stays moist.
5. Water with 1/4th strength nutrient solution
6. Grow up to 10 inches high or so and then transplant into soil

You get the steril conditions like the paper towel method without needing to handle the seed. Yes, you do need a small amout of nutrients. You can also add a small amout of peroxide in step 2.
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