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Germination first time an lighting


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Bad news I have killed my stain after 5 yrs, So I'm trying a new stain C99 an NLxC99 from Joey Weed.
This is why in the past I posted about the two strains C99 an NLxC99
Seems that some how after cloning off my plants for the length of time I have that some how I screwed up and the Taste is still great but the HIGH is not like it was before in the past.

Germination of seeds I have them in the rapid root and in distilled water waiting for them to pop up. After I see them should I use justed cool white fluorescent or a wide spectrum Plant&Aquarium? And I do have a 400 watt metal halide light too.Whats the best lighting?I have justed finish my cloning an vegetative stage space size of space is 3ft/4ft/7ft. I'm going to try to keep my clones and donor plant in this space. Now I have 6' 48in cool white fluorescent lights in this space would it justed be better to run the 400 watt metal halide.
Or stay with the cool whites. Bloom room is about 7ft/ 10ft/7ft or would it justed be better to keep both 400 watt lights in the bloom room?

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I would use the broad spectrum flouro for your vegetative space, and the 400Ws in the bloom room. As for the new seedlings, some would say flouros at first, then the HID. I usually get my seedlings under strong light from the get go. I use a 1000W HID.
Nice strains you have by the way. Good luck.
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