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Germination frustration!


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Pete moss pellets are too hard and suck. I put mine in a glass of water for a day. Then I put them in a wet washcloth in a sealed plastic bag. At about 82 degrees. Then when they have a root. I put them in their grow pot. Take a nail or something to make a tight hole in the HP soil. Put the root in first in the narrow hole so it won't flip over. Cover up the top. Then water enough to keep them damp.


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I tried several methods and the one that seems to work 100% for me is to place the seeds in a bottle of water (they will most of the time remain to the surface and it s not a big deal if some fall in the bottom. If they are viable they will go up to the surface later. Then put the bottle on the fridge which is in general a bit warm but not too much (you should be able to leave your hand for several minutes without feeling any overheat feeling) for 48 hours. I cover it to help preventing light. Usually I cover it with a black shirt so that it can still breath well as oxygen is very important at that step. Come back in 48 hours and you should see they have a root going on. Just now put them in your grow medium not to deep and with lots of care not to hurt the little fragile roots and under lights. 24 hours to 48 hours later they have sprouted


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You are getting plenty of suggestions. It is amazing how many ways there is to do something so simple. In lots of cases it is just shitty seeds. Once someone has problems they reinvent the simplest part of growing. Now there are lots of people doing way more than they need to. Water, paper towel, and seeds is all that is needed.

People say add warmth. The light should be taking care of that. If not the area you are trying to germinate in is way too cold or hot. The warmth from the light gives the seedling directions of which way to grow. They can't see the light. It is the warmth they grow too. With no light and warmth from below seedlings as in warming pads. A seedling can grow the wrong way.

Well made seeds can pop in less then a day. Very few take longer than a few days. If your basic water, paper towel, and a seed are not working. It is probably the seeds and not you.

Seeds that pop a tail and don't grow through the soil. Either went the wrong way. Or in most cases it is the seed. I have had this happen before also. What I found was the part of the seed where the leaves should be had dried and stuck to the shell of the seed. Had a great looking plump white tail with nothing on top. I have also had seeds come up with no head on them at all. If there are no leaves they won't grow. Never knew what was happened till I found a seed with the dried part and a great tail. I don't know where in the seed making process things failed but they did. I have never had this problem with my own seeds. Age may be the problem but is doubtful. I have seeds from 1998 that still pop.
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