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germination question

i have been germinating seeds for 20 years between paper towels and then putting the towels between 2 saucers to preserve the moisture. with my new order of seeds i ran into a problem. the seeds crack open slightly and i can see a white tap root in the crack. however that is as far as it goes. the root doesn't grow like normal. they have been like this for 5 days.

they are kept at 80 degrees F. moist but not soaked. strains are og kush, chem dog, afghan kush and sweet black angle. others from the same seed order are doing fine and in dirt already. this is the first time i have tried these strains. maybe they take longer.

has anyone else had this problem? if so, did you remedy it? or should i just get more seeds and hope for better luck?

i usually have near 100% germination.


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If they smell weird and root looks yellow/brown discard them and start over, this happened to me as well, the reason behind it is rot. Either the seeds took too long to germinate ( also can happen ) and that caused the rot, or just the strain was too sensitive. You can try replacing the paper towel and mixing some H2O2 in the water, but after 5 days I wouldn't have much hope. Even if the seeds survive, the root being already damaged the rot could progress.

Cup of water until you see tap root and paper towel until the root is long enough is how I do it.
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