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Were back up and taking orders. We will be shipping out Grouch some seeds and custom lab box. We are adding new strains and we have moved to a far easier shopping cart system since our customers and sponsors feed back stated the shopping experience needed to be improved. So we listened and improved. We will also be taking video of some rappers we sponsor to integrate what we do with some local musicians as well as express a clothing line we will add to our site. I will provide photos of our tailored clothing as we have someone who quite talented in custom clothes production ( HAND MADE TOO ).


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I was on your site this morning and noticed it looked a bit different from last week, I like the changes.

I saw that it is price per seed, which is nice, but saw no where if they are regulars or feminized. If they are regulars, I would buy more than I would if they were feminized. Either way, I see some grape ape and nukeheads in the future.

Oh and the lab box is an awesome idea. I'll spend $100 just to get it lol.

Edit - coupon code is not working.
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