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Get some hash for New years?


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Ive seen a few ideas on how to smoke hash, but i havnt been able to find anyone saying it quite like we do it, so I figured i might throw my bit in here. Pretty much the same as the hash/glass videos, but we put a needle (sewing needle, or something about as long) through a piece of cardboard, and sit a nice little chunk of hash on the tip. Light it and let it burn for a second and cover it with a glass.

The first time we did it we used a regular drinking glass, but damn the smell/taste is a bitch to get back out. The bottom half of a gravitron (if you have one) would be a perfect glass to use, its giant, but all the fun is in trying to clear it. :roorrip:

Tip the glass to the side once its full enough for you, and suck the smoke out. Its just a personal thing, but I dont like letting it build up more smoke than I can handle in one pull, dont like letting the smoke get old.

Alot of the videos i see of people showing how they smoke hash all shows some really.. green hash, if it looks like that you should probly just get some bud.

Also, if you DO have a gravitron, those work great for burning hash. I use a big glass bowl on mine, with a flat screen (not bowled on the bottom) a small slice of hash, big enough for one hit, pull it up til it goes out. If you didnt get jipped, the hash should turn into a reallyyy fine ash, and you really wont need to worry about ever cleaning the screen.

Like I said, I dont know if these are used much already or not. most people in my area dont know much about hash, so its always good to know what to do :439:


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Its always nice to put a good layer over the top of a bowl of bud too, gives the weed a..cold, clean flavor. And youll be nice and wasted even before you get to the bud.

:48: Happy New years 420 folks
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