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Getting all the oil out of infused weed


I`ve been making oil for a couple years now. I`m wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get all the oil out of the infused weed. The way most people advise is to squeeze it out through cheesecloth and that does get most of the oil out but not all, and even a small bit of oil is valuable. On top of that I hate dealing with oily rags. I`ve tried squeezing it out through fat syringes, tea strainers, etc. But there is always oil left over.
Will heating the old weed with hot water separate all the old oil? --But would I let it boil/simmer?--For how long?


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This would get better answered over on the oil thread but yes water, boil it down and I suppose let it cool so the oil will pool up and then skim it off. No idea on time - as long as it takes?

Up in the menu bar go to Medical then Cannabis Oil there are threads with tutorials & recipes
The first pages of each thread usually explains the process, then near end of the threads are people currently using the techniques. Here are just a few thread names

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I did not link this up - you will have to navigate there!
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