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Getting Away With Murder


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c. 1970:
There was a Love-In at Elyseian Park in L.A. The group Chicago was scheduled to preform.
During one of the warm-up bands set, the cops grabbed this chick in the crowd and started choking her for smoking pot. Some people gathered around the cops, shouting "stop it".
Immediently the cops declared the Love-In an "Unlawful Event" and ordered the crowd to disperse.
They sent a cop truck through with a loudspeaker saying "this has been declared an unlawful event...The people of the state of California order you to disperse" to which we replied "We ARE the people."
Anyway almost immediently a bunch of cops from the nearby police acadamy wade in to the crowd and started beating Americans with metal pipes (night sticks aka batons).
I saw one guy who was dispersing as per ordered but who couldn't move fast enough for the piggie's--because he was pushin a baby carriage--beaten severly. One of the cops jack-booted feet was smashed down on the carriage, crushing the baby.
The crowd was now fleeing, as they had been ordered to, when 1 cop pulled his gun and started firing into the fleeing crowd, emptying his revolver.
My friend Thom was there, and he took pictures that showed the cops doing this.
When the crowd got to their cars and started to leave, more cops showed up, and started yanking people out of their cars and beating them.
Thom took his film to the L.A. Times, and on Tues. the pictures were published on the front page that shopwed the cops firing into the crowd. People he shot (in the back since they were leaving as ordered) were arrested for "resisting arrest".
My friends name was underneath the photo's as required. He has a very unusual last name.
The night the pictures were published, cops showed up at his apt. and tossed the place, looking for the negatives. But they weren't there--he had the foresight to stash them elsewhere.

A week later there was a report that the cops had found a body on a hillside night next to the area. The guy had been shot and killed with a .38, the kind of guns cops back then carried.
The police said he was killed by a sniper. No arrests were made.
I believe the cops killed him.

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That makes me want to cry


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Fucking sick.

"We ARE the people"

Cops think they are something. They are the dirt of law enforcement. Fucking bastards.

I bet they were responsible. At least he exposed those pigs.


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The cops only enforce the statute laws . They are only minions. If you look higher up you will find the ones that your rage should be aimed at.


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i hate most cops well more then 90% but fortunatley the other 10% happen to hook you up somtimes

i know its kinda off the subject but not really

has ne one else ever had a cop pull them over and they had been profiling you recently

they go to search my cousins car and he dont smoke in his car..he dont break up buds..he dont do nothing like that in his car and he didnt have ne weed on him at the time niether

but the cop came back with a ounce of dro and said he found it behind his speaker box for his 2 10"s

thats what i f'in hate

they cant never catch you ridin dirty so they plant shit on you


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Paladin said:
The cops only enforce the statute laws . They are only minions. If you look higher up you will find the ones that your rage should be aimed at.

The main point of my story was that a cop fired into the fleeing crowd.
I inadvertantly left out a very important part of this event.
At the time standard issue for cops was a .38 revolver that held six bullets.
5 people were treated for gunshot wounds to the back of their bodies (and, btw, everyone of them were arrested for resisting arrest).
The cops gun held six bullets. 5 injured people and a body "found" nearby, a young man shot in the back of the head with a .38.
A young man who wanted nothing more than to listen to some music in the park. Killed by a cop for obeying police orders.

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Wow. That's incredibly sad. I cant' believe this has happend.

This is what makes me want to move out of America.... this is so depressing.

:peace: Earth Child


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very sad but not all cops are like that.. some cops around where im from smoke pot with me sometimes.. i mean not alot but they do it..

i second that. i know a few cops personally, and they are pretty cool. but for every good cop, there are like 20 awful, egotistical tools. i was pulled over for drinking pop out of a taco bell cup. the cop just wanted to make sure i wasnt drinking alcohol...that b.s. if you ask me.

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i say fuck the pigs all of them! cuz that guy that died is some ones son & her mom is always going to be crying for her sons death ... i dont need the pigs protection i can protect myself! thats why im glad that a pig always dies in the line i really dont care & i know im fucked up but still its not fair...when a pig gets shot fuck they want to catch who did it no matter what! they want to catch that basterd so bad ! & when this guy died probably they gave him a fucking metal for controling the crowd!
so '187 on a PIG'


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This was a real tragedy and your story epitomizes what Law Enforcement has been doing for the last 100yrs for those who grew up on the moon. I have been on the receiving end of various Police brutalities and tortures but have NEVER succumbed to their desires nor wishes to share information. I have been beaten for days and hung from the cell door by my wrists with handcuffs spun all the way through while being beaten from my hands to my feet.
May God Bless all who have suffered violence at the hands of others in power.
My revenge is sweet. I roll a fat joint grown from my own garden knowing all the while just how much LEO hates me for doing so.
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Cops are tools belonging to their political bosses; fear them.

Politicians are tools belonging to their corporate owners.
Despise them and stop believing the lies they spew, promoting their owner's agenda.

Taxpayers are fools who get what they pay for, believing it's something else.
How do y'all like it, so far? Obey every ordinance and smile :)
To be happy you must have faith, and believe. Reality ain't so hot, so deny it.


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Wow, such hatred for LEO. This event happened more than 40 years ago, before most of you were probably born. That was a completely different time in our history and a lot has changed. Don't believe me? Ask OMM about his grow. When rippers came and invaded his back yard, he called the police, they investigated, and even returned to him some of his plants that had been found in the neighbor's yard. That doesn't sound like a group of "jack booted thugs".

I have a very good friend that is on a SWAT team, he has no problem with legit MMJ users, his concern is the guy with 800 plants growing purely for profit. Why? Because he is enforcing the laws that politicians have passed (remember they are Law Enforcement Officers, not Law Creators). If you have a problem with the way a law is enforced, then use your voice to change it. Call or write your elected officials, local, state and federal.

And to celebrate the loss of person's life in the line of duty? Really, are you that ignorant? Are you throwing a party to celebrate the 30 service members that just died in Afghanistan too? Whether you need them or not, these men and women have taken an oath to put their lives ahead of yours. What are you willing to die for? They are willing to die to preserve your freedoms and uphold the laws your elected officials have created. You don't have to like them, or respect them, but acknowledge that they have a much harder job than you, and to revel in their death shows your lack of maturity, awareness and intelligence. You are the reason we have to fight everyday for MMJ legitimacy and overcome the stereotype. Thank you for setting the cause's progress back instead of advancing it.

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I cannot confirm Elysian park Love-in 1970 incident, online. May 4, 1970 was Kent State massacre. I was then a US Marine serving political will, but NOT my country IMO. I hadn't heard of any celebration over the death of 30 SEALs, but the thought nauseates me. Still, why do I dislike cops?
I've been lied about by cops in court, several times. I've never and can't imagine ever, calling 911 over my personal problems. I've seen many changes through 40+ years, mostly in style not substance. Corporations still rule through bribery and payroll, and good cops do as they're told. The other, bad cops enforce their own code. My rose-tinted glasses broke in 1969.


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Propa Gator,
My comments were more directed to 420 stoner, CustomMX6 and Live4GREEN (although most of those posts are over 4 years old, except for 420 stoner who posted this past January).

I don't know if these guys would celebrate the death of the Service Members (I refer to them as service members because they weren't all SEALS, the air crew was Army and there were two EOD guys on board as well as some Nationals. The 10 year old son of the Army pilot was very distraught that the country did not care about or recognize the loss of his father--but that's a whole other rant).

I don't believe that all cops are bad, just as I don't believe all Marines are obnoxious drunks who beat their wives. But both realities exist. (I spent 24 years in the Corps and issued more than my fair number of MPOs to Marines for domestic violence). To paint everyone with the same broad brush is unfair. Particularly since there are so many that are on our side. There are several former police chiefs, captains and sheriffs that are on the side of legalization.

I agree that large corporations have way too much influence and control, our political system is broken and needs some serious overhauls, it all starts with the grass roots movement. I fax my congressman periodically (emails don't have the impact, send either a handwritten letter or fax it to your reps). I encourage everyone that is concerned do the same, then get out and vote. If you sit idly by and do nothing, you have no right to complain about the system.

Semper Fi brother.


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RiP RangerDanger.

good cops do as they're told. The other, bad cops enforce their own code.

So... The cops that choose to let people go when they catch them possessing/smoking/growing cannabis - those would be bad cops under your definition, then?

After all, a police officer's duty is to enforce ALL of the laws that are in effect in his/her jurisdiction. NOT to pick and choose which ones to enforce and which ones to disregard or to be a political activist.

Personally, I've encountered about an equal number of (what I would consider) really good and really bad cops. And about as many as both those groups in apathetic clock-punchers. I guess... they must be people too;).

I like a LEO who'll cut me a break if/when (I feel that) I deserve it. But if I had to choose between a bunch of cops who'd do that combined with a bunch who'd screw you every way possible, and an entire force of "by the book" hard-@sses, I'd take the latter. At least I'd know where I stood and what to expect. I'd also know that I'd be treated the same as the next guy.

I've had LEO in the family, some were @ssholes and some were great people. And I've had politicians in the family, some were @ssholes and some were- oh, look what time it is, got to run:).

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I get confused sometimes with memories of rage imposed on percieved current reality.

Without police, life as we know it can't happen. Cops as a group would likely plot a bell curve of statistical probability like every other valid set of data. It's the 10% rule, where the few naughties out-shout citizenship. In my memories, the good don't stand out like the bad, and I spoke a bad dream instead of life.
Occasionally, a few young city cops walk a beat on my street. Certainly by at least threes, and daytime only but still... they have heart :love:

When writing to congress critters, does 'handwritten' mean cursive with a pen?
My youthful pen-callous is nearly gone, but... :)

Semper Fi
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