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Hi Guys,

Im new here.. but not new to growing.. not an advance tho.. on my side of the world we have never seen or smoke any bud weed, only some of those shit with those seeds with it(btw, i dont smoke).. we dont even have any hydroponics shops around not to mention i cant get any drip irrigation system. even getting my hand on some flexible ducting hose is out of reach.. to cut story short, Growing is just a hobby for me(means those buds will be donate to some of my friends and brothers), so i decided to order everything online(still waiting on some parts).

Btw, 1st ever getting my hands on some white widow and purple widow seed that no one ever heard about it here. all they know is a mango shitty male plant. got myself 50 seeds.. germinate almost 40.. and only 2 break the soil each strains.

So here is the list i bought..

1 x 400w HPS
2 x ProGrip Ratchet Light Hanger
2 x Atlantic Breeze 6" 2-Speed Clip-On Fan
1 x EcoPlus Large Display Thermometer / Hygrometer
1 x Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 2 Foot - 4-Tube
2 x Humidity Dome 7""
2 x Clonex Rooting Gel - 250 ml
2 x Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II(Have not arrive and its been 3 weeks)
2 x Active Air In-Line Booster Fan - 6""
1 x Phresh Filter 4"" x 12"" 200 CFM
1 x Duct Silencer 4"" x 12""
2 x Sunleaves WindTunnel Inline Fan - 4"" 200 CFM
1 x Radiant 6"" Air Cooled Reflector
1 x Ducting with Clamps - 25' - 6""
2 x Cut Tray 10"" x 20""
1 x Seedling Heat Mat - 20"" x 20"" - 45 watts

Ordered everything on the same company all have arrive except grow tent!!

Will be running 1 tent for Bloom and another for mother/clones. What do you guys think? any comment and suggestion?? will be running the 400hps with the in-line booster fan 180cfm and Windtunnel for the Carbon Filter.(Outside tent --> HoodLight --> Outside tent).

Will be starting my grow early next year because i will be busy traveling.. Hope to learn from 420 members and guide me to success!!!!

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