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Getting Hempy With It 2019


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Hello all. And welcome.
I've been growing now for about a year. So I am in no way an expert.

This grow is Hempy. I'm useing 100% perlite.
I have a clone/seedling box. 2x3x3 foot with a 150w CFL 6400k.
A veg box. 2x3x4 with a Maxsisun MDR300 300w full spectrum dimmable LED.
Flower tent is 30"x30"x63" with a JHOTECH 1000W full spectrum LED.
6in inline fan and ducting connect all.
This grow is in a barn that is 12'x40'. So temps will be a challenge.

I currently have ten Kush clones in week three flower.
And I have three new girls.
They are.
Tutankhamon by pyramid seed. Mostly Sativa. Photo period. Feminisied. THC23%CBD1.8% Flower time is 60 days.
Original Skunk #1 by Seedsman seed. Mostly Sativa. Photo period. Feminisied. THC15%CBD1% Flower time is 9weeks.
Jack Herer by Seedsman seed. Indica/ Sativa. Photo period. Feminisied. THC20%. Flower time is 60 days.

Here is a picture of the tent now.

Edit: I'm useing General Hydroponics nutes. Micro, grow, bloom. And cal/mag.
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First in. BOOM. What up Trav!?
I am switching up from soil to Hempy.
My first Hempy is currently in flower. Week 3. 2lt soda bottles 100% perlite Hempy. 10 kush clones in a six square foot space.

And after my three new girls grow up some, then they well end up in 1.5 gl Hempy Buckets, also with 100% perlite. Going to use LST only. No topping. I also plan to take clones from the three girls as well.
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here to watch a fellow hempy ! :goodjob:

i like 6 sq ft mini hempy. i'm going that route myself on the next run with 2 litre buckets. thinking of alternating between doing fewer plants in 5 litre pots, then mini sogs in 2 litre grow to grow.
I have ten of these currently. Fun fun. And welcome.

Chris Scorpio

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Very Blurplely....lol

Looking good

Hempy is easy for sure, I do like it better than soil, just easier to fix issues when they occur


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Cool. Im not really clear on the whole hempy growing. Quick run down?
hey bilbo

it's a passive form of drain to waste hydro. everything is grown in perlite or a 4:1 perlite / vermiculite mix. kind of a crossroads between hydro and soil. it avoids many issues surrounding either.

bucket sizes range from 2 litre all the way up to 20 litre monsters. drill a 1/4 inch hole 2 to 2 1/2 inches up the side of your chosen buckets, add perlite, plants, nutes, and go!


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I run 1/2" too

Pretty big Perlite,never get any washing out

geez, i lose at least an inch of perlite thru the 1/4" holes before it stabilizes. no one here knows that perlite can be had in different sizes. i dry sift a minimum of a third of it out when prepping buckets.


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Mine is quite large I think, never loose or toss any

Pretty sure it's Miracle Grow brand, course I think
have you noticed anything in it ? the miracle grow perlite ( and other brands too ) has proven too hot as it has all kinds of stuff added. been using hydro store stuff as a result.

they just got some new stuff in i wanna look at. the bags are smaller than the industrial ones i been getting. i'm hoping its a cleaner, larger sized perlite.


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No mine has no nutes or additives

Ok I'm an idiot ..lol it Vigoro

Brown spots are vermiculite
Nice! I imagine volcanic rock would be a good alternative to perlite? @bluter
Cheers for the breakdown boys. Sounds fun but I aint got the time to keep feeding and watering that all the time lol
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