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Getting high from a 1:1 Strain


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Ok so i made RSo with CBD Crew's Critical Mass which is a 1:1 CBD THC strain sometihng like 5% : 5%

anyways i took maybe a quarter of a gram last night and about 3 hours later i was the highest you can possibly get. this has happened to me before with rso from a high thc bud..

However i was assuming that u would not get high from a bud like cbd crew's critical mass. Can anyone explain why i would be getting high from a 1:1 strain? and so i need to find a strain like charlottes web that has virtually no thc in it to avoid getting high?


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By digesting the oil, you greatly weaken the amount of cannabinoids that enter your system.

Method of medication, strains, CBD/THC levels, etc.. all vary depending on what ailment(s) you're treating.

For the CORRECT dosing instructions, read this: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/cannabis-oil/217727-cannabis-oil-dosing-tutorial.html

By following that dosing method, you can use any strains, regardless of THC level, and you should NOT experience any high feelings at all.

By eating the oil, you's basically experiencing the same thing as you would if you were to consume edibles, for example "pot brownies".

THC is actually GREAT at treating cancers and other problems, so I wouldn't suggest eliminating it completely.


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Exactly how did you take your 1/4g?

While the strain may be 5% - 5% you've extracted everything, your oil isin't 5%-5% it's 100% 100%.

If you actually ingested it into your stomach you will get the high. If you "tack it" (apply it to the gums after a meal and brushing) it shouldn't produce those effects. Handy guide. it's long btw but a good read! covers everything!
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