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Getting pretty close, Question about timing

Nyhm Reaper

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The pretty lady is getting very near chop time so I have been researching on effects and how various harvest times can change the potency and high. I prefer the get up and be productive kinda high but also need the relax and unwind to go to sleep kind. So this is my question can I harvest half this plant early so its the heady high and then wait a week or so and chop the rest? Will chopping half the plant early hinder anything since its this close? Not trying to rush it but I also wanna learn from this harvest.

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Re: Getting pretty close, Question about timing..

I cut half early and half late on some of my plants. for the same reason you are asking about. Now it helps on some strains not all. I always cut the mains down and let the popcorn if any cook some more as well.
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