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Getting Resin Out Of A Pipe?!


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I use a paperclip usually but there are 2 problems. 1) The pipe is a tiny little fucker. 2) The resin is WET!!! Any ideas about how to get it out without sitting here for an hour using a paperclip?!?!



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Tell me your just trying to clean it and not trying to smoke the resin!!!! If you are just trying to clean it use that and some rubbing alcohol. If not, is it a metal pipe or glass??? If its metal you can usually fit a pen backwards into the chamber and push most of that shit out in one shot....If it is glass, I would just clean it with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol so you don't break it....Good luck in your venture!!!!:thumb:


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I like to soak my dirty pipes in straight rubbing alcohol for 2-3 days (smoke another pipe in the mean time) - dissolves a lot of the resin away and softens what remains. After soaking and swishing, I fire up the hot water full force and rinse. With pratice, you can get the water into the carb and mouthpiece holes and force lots of hot water into the body of the pipe.

While water does NOT dissolve or 'pick up' resin, the heat softens the resin further and the pressure eventually forces it out of the pipe!

I can get a nasty, unusable pipe nearly brand-new clean with this procedure. Very little effort/time actively spent. Note that you MUST rinse the alcohol off the pipe before use: alcohol is highly flammable....
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