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Ghana's - Little Harem - Top LED - 2x600W


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Hello to all and welcome to my grow journal. Although it's my second grow, it will be my first grow journal.

-1x Doctor Who (TGA)
-2x Chernobyl (TGA)
-2x Quantum Kush (TGA)
-3X Grape Ape
-1x Lemon Diesel
-1x Grape Stomper x OG
-1x Stopmer OG
-2x GDP
-1x Kong Kush
-1x Blue God

30% FF Ocean Forest / 35% FF Happy Frog / 25% Perlite / 10% Vermiculate / Organic Garden Lime / Mykos

-2x600W TOP LED (old model)

Temp: 80-90
CO2: 400-800 ppm
Bucket Size: white-4 Gal, black-3 Gal
Grow Space: 5x6 ft



09/21/2014 (1 Gal )



10/01/2014 (3-4 Gal)





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Re: Ghana's - Little Harem - TOP LED (2x600W)


I see you have the co2 bag; how you finding that? I've got one myself, hanging in a similar fashion. jury's out on it's performance though.

is that your first time growing the Chernobyl?


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Re: Ghana's - Little Harem - TOP LED (2x600W)

I used co2 bag in my first tent grow. Hard to say if it helped or not since I didn't have co2 monitor at the moment or previous grow experience ...all I can say plants looked happy and yield was close to 1gpw.
Yeah it's my first time growing Chernobyl, and I really like this strain. It grows fast and is easy to do LST.


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Re: Ghana's - Little Harem - TOP LED (2x600W)

I'm on board. interested to see how the Chernobyl gets on. I've heard good things. nice job btw.


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Re: Ghana's - Little Harem - TOP LED (2x600W)

It should be enough but that's a question for the LED growers I'm afraid. I'm currently using an LED but of a much smaller size and I'm using CFLs and a HPS with it, so even at the end i probably still won't know.


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Re: Ghana's - Little Harem - TOP LED (2x600W)

:high-five: I am here:)


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day 27

Everything looks good. Its probably last day of veg. Tomorrow or on Sunday I am going to switch to 12/12.
I want to add another LED light, but I am not sure what would be best choice.
This is my current setup

I want to add 1x600W or 2x300W

Any advice ?


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yeah but is it currently covering the area you require it to, or are there dark places? if it's covering, why would you need to add more?


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In the case of CFLs, definitely. In the case of HID, possibly if you can deal with the heat effectively but in the case of LED; the jury's out. I don't know if you follow Antics' LED grow journal in which he almost decimated a sapling with his LED? I'd say your best bet is to see what you end up with in terms of yield and quality and then add the third LED for the next grow, that way you'd have a basis for comparison and you'll know with certainty whether the third LED was worth your while.
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