GHempster, GROWant, ProMix With RAW Growing Magnum Auto By Oasis Genetics


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Poor girls suffering from extremely hot soil.


Clawing fan leaves and slowed growth.


Hoping to work it out in the next two weeks by watering to run off with just ph'd water.


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Hey man. I recently came across this reading @MrSauga on his amnesia thread just as the same thing happened to my CPK plant. The tip curl with nitrogen toxicity thing - you’re doing right to water for a cycle or few. I skipped two feeds on mine. Then you see new growth coming back nicely. The curled leaves won’t recover. You can see the tideline on mine now, well not now. When I get back I’ll show you a photo though.
Hey mister Saugs is probably quite near you, somewhere in east Kanukstan.


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Thanks for the tag @DonkeyDick

Hi GH!
What caused the Promix to become so hot? The NPK supps or the Gaia Green?

Combo of both and I cannot rule out that I was HAF and messed up mixing as it has happened in the past. Mixed some cloning solution a few weeks back and mixed it as if it was 2 gal and was only 2L.

Only a couple clones survived that lol.

But really I think it was just me trying to push the plants to the max.


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Ok checked other plants in the Mars Garden and the issue is only with these Magnums so it is safe to assume I was HAF and messed up the feed. The only other difference was I had foliar sprayed the Magnums with a veg boost twice but I doubt this caused the soil to be hot.


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Hey Gerry. That’s one of the reasons I like megacrop right there. Tidies up a lot of that head scratching and second guessing. I changed to mc literally for my mental health and no other reason.
They do you a sample, you only pay postage. Could be a good time to give it a hoon cuz?
Anyway this is the Critical Purple Kush I was saying had the Nitrogen issue. You can see the clawing, then where I missed a couple of feeds and growth came back well.

BTW thanks for the tips @MrSauga (literally) :)


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GROWant continues to perform spectacularly running at 19" from canopy.


For soil running hot these girls are doing great.

Watered at ph 6.2 ppm 88 ec 179 1.5gal each at 20°C.

Runoff temp only 3.5 °C warmer. But ppm and ec still way high.

Stay medicated everyone


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Well I think we are back to normal too bad it cost 3 weeks of good growth. Still not bad buds considering.


Going to chop this girl down early. She was worse hit bad the hot soil. She is still growing but I am out of meds. Should get enough out of her to last till others are finished.

This GROWant light is incredible I will be running another test journal as this one is a bust do to my error.

Stay well all.


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:5: Shjt happens, man. I hope you’re not being hard on yourself about stuff? In your case I’d say some very good shit just happened! They look like fine meds!
:green_heart: Seeds made in the heat of sticky passion
:meditate: Germinated in peace
:love: Tended with love
:tommy: With the occasional Oh! FFS! Wouldyalookatthat?! thrown in for good measure. Just to keep it real.
It’s all good man you got some good looking jar stock. :high-five:

How’re mrsHempster and the Hempette? Are you guys still snowed in up there?


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Thanks DD for that and I am not being hard on myself it may be reading like that but I have been out of meds a couple days so the anxiety is peaking and could be coming across in my writing.

All is good here. Everyone in Hempville is safe and virus free. The wife works as a caregiver for developmentally challenged twins so she is still working. Canada is not doing enough but will soon learn from errors taken.

On the FFS moments I found 3 male flowers open on my Do-Si-Dos along with the thrips on the King Tut. I did stress that Do-Si-Dos to that max so that is on me. I removed the 3 branches that had the flowers, they were actually limbs I should have removed earlier. Hope no more nanners please. I think they may habe pollinated the Cement Shoes next to her so going to have some seeds i would say.

Hope all is well down your way DD. Oh all snow had just about been rained away but we are getting another dump tonight. LOL


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Ok I go down the rabbit hole to the Mars Garden to chop down Magnum.

Brought her outta tent, got the snips ready.

Gotta take a few pics first


And I can't do it. She just started plumping up and could put on some nice weight.

So I cut off a lower limb for smoking and put her back into tent. However, she lost her spot under the GROWant as the 2 Bloody Skunk snuck into spot as soon as the Magnum left. So she will have a few days under my old Chinly.


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Ok lasted a day lol.


She had to come down before I start rampaging.


Not bad bud for lacking 3 weeks of growth and being harvested weeks early.

Will give me some isolation medication, enough to get to harvest time for the other one.

Stay safe all.
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